the right equipment

17 Oct

sarting fabrication

starting fabrication


the finished bas relief installed.

I purchased the millermatic 212 with a spool gun over the internet. I try to buy local when buying local is competitive, but, I have to put food on the table for my family and that comes first in every business decision so when I needed to buy a welder capable of handling the commercial load of work I would be doing with it and be versatile, so a spool gun for aluminum was a must. and a premium product was a must. so miller was at the top of the list along with something of decent size.

then I started pricing the model I wanted, the millermatic 212 ended up being the one I wanted sopriced it locally, and it was coming in around 3,000 bucks.

online I found it here for 2,200 bucks with FREE DELIVERY!

so once it was clear I was saving 800 bucks, it was a done deal. that was 800 bucks I was able to invest in something else.

it has turned out to be an absolutely great welder fully capable of handling a big work load without ever hitting the wall of the 60% duty cycle. I have fabricated 8 hours straight with no problems. for a small shop on a budget this is the workhorse you have been looking for at a price that is arguably dirt cheap.

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