another comrade soon to go under the bus

09 Dec
I see a bus a comin, a comin down the road….

the american public doesnt throw people under the bus quite as fast as obama disposes of comrades.

so barry will get plenty of chances from an open hearted people before they are so alarmed and certain this comes from the top.

(A fish rots from the head down)

then they will turn on him and he will not be givin a second chance.

I would also say he has none of the personal affability and powers of persuasion and political compromise as bill clinton.

like bill or not he knew how to survive and attach himself to the winning side and appropriate it for himself ei. welfare reform

barry is like some kind of kamakazzee pilot with an as yet unspecified mission although everything points to destruction.

he seems not to care and to care at the same time.. cares but is so rigid he cant bend to make the compromises he needs to stay viable?

they want it all and dont want to stop, comprimise, whatever the damage.

I think he beleived the frog(american people) was finally in water so hot it couldnt get out of the pot.

his strategy is obviously to throw everything at the wall at once and overwhelm us with change till the old united states is changed (destroyed.)

I would say his coldness and lack of real empathy (his empathy is theoretical and philisophical not real and givin to individuals.)

is a real visible personality flaw and he knows it thats why he has developed the strategy based maybe on the german blitzkrieg.

where he goes politically all out, to overwhelm with the goal of rising to the next political level  (state then nation then president) before people really know him. without the vetting process and scrutiny he could not survive. becuase if he had been vetted by the nation properly he would never have survived.

and he implements this strategy with his political manuevers becuase if the people really understood his goals or were given the time to see them they would reject them as they would have rejected him.

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