will the dems ever loose another election?

23 Dec

if you read between the lines and examine what seems to be on the face of it irrational behavior, the answer could be no. they will never loose another election.

this is a must read. from over at the anti idiotarian rottweiller

Posted by: LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An 9:50 pm

This follows the train of discussion from the comments on my last post. Follow the evidence, wherever it may lead, no matter how uncomfortable the final conclusion makes you.

It is true that I am a blog slut. I write or comment at several blogs, and the discussions from one, influence what happens at another. Over at BELMONT CLUB we were discussing the insane situation we have politically; and trying to come to a conclusion as to what the future holds. I found myself answering several different questions, and stringing points together. If you don’t mind, I will bring the string for the LC’s to ponder. Items presented thusly are quotes from those with whom I was engaged in discussion.

At this time, it’s hard to predict what will really happen next fall in the polling booths. And that is frankly the only poll that really matters. [ This was part of a discussion where it was implied that things would be reclaimed in November.]

Truer words rarely spoken. However, we are dealing with people for whom it has been shown that the rule of law means absolutely nothing. Keep in mind that registration fraud is a massive Democrat funded [see ACORN] enterprise, and presumably vote fraud because otherwise why create all those false registrations [150,000 known false registrations accepted by the Democrat Secretary of State in Ohio in 2008 alone]? One has to wonder at what point the legitimacy of the vote count comes into question.

Having spent a fair amount of my career trying to figure out what was the truth behind the actions of various felons, witnesses, and victims [everybody lies sometimes]; I have learned that the first thing to look out for is when people suddenly start acting out of character. People are creatures of routine. They do not change those routines unless compelled to, or unless they believe that conditions have changed and a change is to their personal benefit.

I have been an observer [and activist] in politics since the 1960 election. I won’t reveal my age, but I started getting involved in politics young. Observing politicians gives a certain insight into their motivations. One of the prime motivations of politicians is self-preservation in office.

They do not normally go out of their way to take a stand on anything for fear of angering blocs of voters. They will straddle any issue, talk out of four sides of their mouths [double talk on both sides], and watch polling religiously twisting in the breeze of public opinion. What do you call a politician who has consistent principles and who stands on them? Either a myth, or out of work.

Fear of repercussions at the polls over-rides all. While they may have contempt for us [and most politicians do], they do their best to conceal it behind a smile and fake concern.

Politicians acting out of character indicates a change in the rules, whether we know it or not.

This regime has upset me almost from the beginning. It began to cause grave concern when the Town Hall movement began. What did we see?

Democrats, Democrat party officials, and the government controlled media chose to deliberately insult and attack citizens who accepted what was in fact the invitations of the Congress-Critters to attend Town Hall meetings, and who dared to ask real questions and insist on answers. This was followed by the White House insisting that the Left “push back” against those citizens.

Shortly thereafter Democrat Congress-Critters started having ACORN and SEIU security forces at these events. Citizens were threatened, blocked out, and eventually physically assaulted. The assailants, it seems, have judicial immunity.
Give us more, O Emperor! »« AIIIEEEE! My EYES!

Here is where things really got out of character. If you were a member of the political elite who still had to face the voters, this turn of events would terrify you. You would be screaming bloody murder about how you were not responsible for any of it, and how you were not going to put up with thugs attacking your constituents.

Anybody hear anything like that? I sure did not, and in fact what transpired was that the Democrats circled the wagons and increased their insults and attacks.

By the way, this is not to praise the Republicans. If they had half a lick of sense, concern for the country, or even for their own skins; the Republicans would be screaming like ruptured Bann Sidh about the conduct of the Democrats as a corollary to their attacks on the substance of both Health Care Nationalization and Cap and Tax. Once again, only the sound of the chirping of crickets. Another anomaly. Are they stupid, cowards, or do they know something we don’t?

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