on the “healthcare” bill that takes us one step further down the road to serfdom

22 Mar

Wikipedia notes, having someone “laboring against that person’s will to benefit another, under some form of coercion” is the very definition of involuntary servitude… slavery. We are Americans, and will be slaves to no man, no Congress, and no President.

im not going on a long angry rant about power hungery democrats, or my disapointment that they have managed to shove this monstrosity down our national throat.

or the obvious arguments about what it will be like to live in a soft tyranny socialist welfare state.

all these things have beeen written about before and they will be written about in the future.

im going to make a simple statement.

I will not be forced to purchase anything with my hard earned money. I will not stand for being penalized for not purchasing someones product.

I will not supply the government any information one way or another wether ive purchased health care.

and I refuse the tyrranicall intrusive authority they beleive they are vested with to enter my life and home and snoop around, then deem whether my purchase meets thier standards.

this is the line for me folks.

this far and no further. no curses no foul langauge.

im not paying a penalty for refusing to buy something. im not paying a penalty for my mere existance.

but I can tell you this, the penalty for being a tyrant is a high one if  the people ever get the upper hand….

In 1945 the Italian leader Benito Mussolini was caught by partisans and executed; his body was hung upside down from a gas station signpost for display to the public. No one complained, No lawyers came forward and decried this heinous crime. They didn’t bring briefs to the courthouse declaring that Mussolini deserved a fair trial. All were silent. Mussolini had brought Italy to ruin and the people were sick of it. The evidence was all around them and the verdict of the jury unanimous.

In 1989, Romanian leader Nickolai Chauchescu was taken out into the courtyard along with his wife, Alaina, and shot.Alaina’s last words were, “Nickolai, I think that they are going to shoot us!” Executed by the court of public opinion, a verdict swift and sure. A verdict that every future leader of Italy or Romania is well aware of and not because of case law. It is the unspoken line, the line that dare not be crossed because civilization is a voluntary organization. If we feel that the laws and covenants cease to work for the common good then we have every right to withdraw our participation. The crime was never prosecuted as a new government was formed and life began anew.

No incitement to violence here… nothing to see folks, please keep moving…

the above is a qoute from someone taking this post out of context and being obtuse to the nature of liberty and the consequences of incremental loss of liberty from soft tyrrany and the top down statism we see growing in this country like a cancer.

the eventual result allways boils down to total tyrrany and enslavement of the people. unfortunately the obtuse of the world cant see that nor can they understand how small steps towards loss of freedom and state control over the individual lead inexorably towards something very bad. and pointing that out and the end results is now somehow insightment.   here is my response to the charge of insightment.

your right about that (without meaning to) you want to be obtuse and take things out of context be my guest.

the fact of the matter is government control of our daily lives and the confiscation of the fruits of our labor, to so called re-distribute it, and being forced to Purchase something because we exist is to head down the path of tyranny.

that path opens the doors for other onerous demands and restrictions on the individual.

liberals like to keep moving the goal posts of what are acceptable restrictions on the freedoms and liberties of free people down the field. eventually it will be total.

when it reaches that point people yearn to be free.

and the tyrants sometimes pay the piper ala Nickolai Chauchescu

it is a reminder of what the future could hold if reason and attention to individual liberties and the founding principles of this nation are ignored and ultimately crushed.

as for your fisking, its disingenuous at best. trying to paint violent leftists as helpless wellmeaning truthseakers blech.

the response to this was to make fun of my writting abilities. so much for addressing the ideas I put forth as consequential or not….

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