when you boil it all down

03 Apr

the fact of the matter is pResident zero is a thief.

you can lay the trappings of political ideology on him make a case for this or thatreason for the policies and direction he’s taking america,

but in the end he does everything he does because he’s a thief.

one man may spend a lifetime studying our economic system so he may add value to it. to produce a service or product everyone wants or needs and he obtains his wealth and power through the growth of our system and the benifits it spreads to employees consumers et al

others like obama know absolutely nothing about producing, adding, building.

he doesnt need to know.

he only needs to know how to pit one against another

how to skim off others labor,

how to gain support enough to confiscate what he wants.

so he has studied his whole life how to attack and leach the system. not to add to it.

if your attacking the economic system, if you produce nothing but only take what you did not earn, and you do it with the authority of a gun, which he has,

then you are a thief.

This photo of Barack Obama teaching in Chicago was posted in February 2008 at PrestoPundit. In this class Barack Obama was teaching his students the principles of Saul Alinsky. Notice the flow chart indicating the flow of money and power out of productive businesses (“CORP”) and into the political class (“MAYOR”):

The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I found Anne Kornblut’s report in the Washington Post — “Obama’s 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman’s claim of being ‘over-taxed’” — to be deeply disturbing. Although I disagree with most of Barack Obama’s policies, I took no pleasure in seeing a political opponent wound himself by talking on and on to the point of agitating his audience. The situation is much too grave for that. This is our country — all of us, Republican, Democrat and Independent. And I am now convinced of what I have long suspected — the United States has a president with a serious personality disorder.

Now I admit I am not a professional psychiatrist or psychologist, nor do I see myself even remotely as a paragon of mental health, but I have made a decent living for over thirty years as a fiction writer whose stock in trade is perforce studying people and this is one strange dude. He makes Richard Nixon seem almost normal.

I first began worrying about this during the Reverend Wright affair. Obama insisted, as we all recall, that he did not know the reverend’s views even though the then candidate had spent twenty years in his church, been married by him, had his children baptized by him and taken the inspiration for his book from Wright. Now most educated people would have a pretty good idea about Wright after five minutes, let alone twenty years. The reverend is not a subtle man. Yet Obama told us he didn’t know.

Was the candidate lying or was he just so dissociated from reality that he didn’t see what was in front of his eyes? Or perhaps a little of both? Whatever the conclusion, it is not a happy one. The same man is before us now — only we’re not in the midst of a campaign. We have no way out. He is leading our nation during a time of economic crisis with a world changing so rapidly that our heads spin.

Therapists often speak of “inappropriate affect” — laughing at sad news, etc. — as an indicator of psychological disturbance. That is not far from what Obama displayed at the question-and-answer session in Charlotte described by Kornblut when he endlessly replied to a woman’s query about taxation. His response was inappropriate, to say the least. It also was a demonstration that at heart he does not believe his own ideas. Otherwise, why take so long? Methinks he doth protest too much, as the Bard said. And protest he does, like a comedian who knows he is bombing but keeps telling jokes.

Uh, Clem said:

As a child, Barry learned early and well that he’s on his own; his father wanted nothing to do with him, and his mother not much more. So he survived by playing the Short Con — and it worked pretty well for a long time. He played the marks in Hawaii, at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law. He even hit something of the big time — and like the successful grifter that he is, each time he’s been able to grab the swag and get outta town before the marks knew the score. But now it’s different. He’s tried to pull off the Big Con, and the play is starting to come apart. He’s in over his head, and he knows it. The marks are figuring it out, and there’s no where to run…this will not end well for any of us.

ETAB said:

Obama is a pathological narcissist. That’s not simple ego; that’s a severe personality disorder. I suspect he moved into this state as a young boy; it is his only method of interaction with the world.

A pathological narcissist must feel that he controls how you interact with him. Obama has three tactics of control over your reactions.

Misinformation or pathological lying. Obama has lost any ability to differentiate between fact and fiction. He’ll tell you anything to entice you into his control. The next hour – he’ll tell someone else the opposite.

The agenda is not to ‘tell the facts’ but to put you in his control. Confront him with the facts and he’ll deny them. We’ve all seen Obama tell someone with the facts – ‘you are wrong’. He’ll deny the facts that there are not 40 million without health care; many pay for care directly, which is cheaper than annual insurance costs. Insurance is only for risk not for regular care.

He’ll deny that he knows a thing about the Rev Wright’s sermons despite having spent 20 years with the man.

Emotional manipulation. This is a tactic of Force. He’ll force you to accept him by binding you to his Will by emotional manipulation. He’ll charm you, he’ll smile, he’ll…so that your only reaction is adulation. Or, he’ll threaten you that if you don’t accept His Word, a crisis will be the result, and this crisis will be your fault.
Pass the stimulus bill without reading it or the US economy will collapse. That’s Obama style.

And, if you still reject His Will, Obama will play his key card. Racism. He’s used this all his life.

Criticize Obama, challenge him to live within reality not his fictional realm, and he feels threatened. He feels he’ll lose control over you. So, any criticism is met by an enraged Obama. He’ll reject the Tea Parties, smearing them by name; reject Town Halls. He’ll attack FOX news because it criticizes him. Obama’s agenda is to control you – by love or fear.

If you move outside of his reach – you literally cease to exist for him. He had no interest in the Iranian demonstrators for democracy. Why not? Because their focus was on democracy not Obama.

Obama is ignorant of history, of economics, of theory. He is intellectually shallow and lacks analytic capabilities. He has survived since a young boy on those three tactics of control over you. Not control over a situation, of theory, of facts. But of you.

If Obama feels he can’t interact with and control you, then he has no interest in you. Along with this need to enforce your adulation, Obama’s pathology also makes him cruel. He needs to remind you of His Power by various means. So, he’ll insult our Western Allies – as he did to the PM of Britain etc.

He is embedded within the socialist agenda because it sets up a political structure of statism made up of an elite governing Set of people…ruling over the passive population. That fits in with Obama’s pathological need to control. But, intellectually, his only focus is on Himself. Not any political theory. That’s why he can’t answer any questions with any logic or coherence. He has no analytic capacity.

As President, and he keeps reminding us of this, this ability to control others is expanding, and his pyschological need to control…is also expanding. Americans have never had to deal with someone as psychologically damaged as Obama and are reluctant to face up to its reality.

sherlock said:

The fact that Obama could claim with a straight face that he did not know Rev. Wright’s views does not necessarily mean that he is mentally ill. Applying Occam’s razor, there are simpler explanations. One is that as a life-long affirmative action beneficiary, he assumes that his honesty and integrity will be judged by people who are anxious to give him the benefit of the doubt in any situation where he may appear to be lacking in qualifications, either intellectual or moral. The other is that he a Democrat, and thus cna expect that there will be no follow-up from outraged media personalities demanding that he explain himself. The slightest excuse is always completely sufficient in these circumstances, and it need only be mouthed to be accepted.

Obama mentally ill? Is a child who is completely spoiled to the point that she expects her every whim to be instantly gratified mentally ill? Most of us would say “no”, even if she were in the habit of throwing spectacular tantrums when occasionally denied her wish.

Obama is no more “weird” than such a spoiled child. He is an affirmative-action Democrat, and thus supremely sane in assuming that there will be no consequence of anything he says, no matter how outrageous.

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