Honestly! really! again??!

13 Apr


really, why does he bow and scrape so much? its pathological. this is what its like to have a beta male president.

and here from a different angle with commentary from confederate yankee.

Get That Man A Spine

How many times has this occurred now? Three? For someone who tries so hard to cultivate the image of a intellectual and sophisticate, he seems doggedly determined to cast himself as an unteachable buffoon, once again bowing to a foreign dignitary that is his equal.

unreal.  where is his dignity

see the smirk on these guys faces, they do not respect this 0ne, its like he´s the head waiter of america, well heres a walk down memory lane with our head waiter….

and to finish up the round the world tour of bowing and scraping the pResident managed to take a bow with a few other strange characters.

President Obama is seen here honoring the Burger King with a low bow.
Obama was snapped last week honoring the world's most revered cereal icon, Capn Crunch.ObamaObama is seen here greeting Colonel Sanders with a deep sign of submission and respect.

The Obama Grovel/Bow Gauge

With thanks to Bear Creek Ledger.

and finally, bill was our first black president so our nancy boy in chief, barry,  had only one honor to grab onto,—- he’s our first woman president

Kathleen Parker: Obama Is Our First Woman President


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