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Bin Laden Family Funding Ground Zero Mosque – Is There An Al Qaeda Link?

From Campus Watch via Atlas:

The Attorney General must examine and investigate the alleged ties and funding by Xenel Corporation and Imam Rauf and Daisy Khan. Who is Xenel? They fund the Imam and …..

The website lists Xenel Industries Ltd. as a primary donor to the Al-Falah Program. Xenel, a Saudi owned conglomerate, “provides development, manufacturing, investment, trading and services throughout a wide range of areas of interest” ranging from healthcare and infrastructure to oil and real estate, according to the company’s website (
On December 10, 2002, the Orlando Sentinel published an article describing the research of a local trade union regarding Xenel, who had just been awarded a $100 million contract to build the city of Orlando a new state-of the-art convention center. The article reveals that Xenel CEO Abdullah Alireza sits on the executive board of Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI), a bank based in Switzerland. Haydar Mohamed bin Laden, half brother of Osama bin Laden, also sits on the twelve member executive board.
According to State Department records and the August 2002 brief filed by the families of 9/11 victims, DMI is involved in “al Qaeda financing through several of its subsidiaries, including […] Faisal Islamic Bank and Al Shamal Islamic Bank.” During the 2001 trial of those suspected in the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa, Faisal Islamic Bank was implicated directly in terrorist activities by former al Qaeda operatives: Ahmed al-Fadl, a finance manager for al Qaeda, testified that al Qaeda accounts in Khartoum were held at Faisal Islamic Bank.

Xenel also funds The Cordoba Initiative and Faisal and Khan’s ASMA supremacist group as well. This, according to the World Economic Forum:
The Xenel Corporation, and others… endorsed projects: (hat tip to Lawrence)

1. ASMA Society: Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow
American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)’s Cordoba Initiative proposed to convene young Muslim leaders from the US and the broader Muslim world to expand its network of Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT). The mission of the MLT is to foster a unified, uniquely American voice of Islam capable of accelerating the development of a healthy Islamic identity that is both western and closely connected to Muslim communities worldwide. MLT will act as a platform and network of emerging young Muslim leaders who are committed to this mission and have the capacity to act as change agents.

911 Imam Faisal’s “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow”  fundamentalist jihadis  like Yasir Qadhi

a favorite speaker at conferences of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), among others (more here.)

This connection between Xenel and al Qaeda, according to the Orlando Sentinel, was persuasive enough that the city of Orlando decided to cancel the contract it had previously awarded to Xenel. The involvement Bin Laden-tied Xenel led to the cancellation of a different 100 million dollar project in Florida. If such ties would cancel a convention center, why not a 100 million dollar Islamic supremacist mega mosque at the site of largest attack on American soil by these same players?

Plans for a $100 million, 250,000-square-foot convention center in the Kissimmee-St. Cloud area near Orlando have been scrapped over claims that the developer has links to terrorism.

The Osceola county commission voted to abandon a proposed partnership with Xentury City Development Co. Officials of Local 362 of the Employees Union alleged that the CEO of Xentury’s Saudi-owned parent firm may have ties to a bank that reportedly funds terrorist activities.

Current CEO Kahlid Alireza of Xenel  is mentioned in the “Golden Chain” list.

The “Golden Chain” or a list purported sponsors of al Qaeda that was seized in March 2002 raid by Bosnian police authorities of the premises of the Benevolence International Foundation in Sarajevo. The list includes at least 20 top Saudi and Gulf State financial sponsors including bankers, businessmen, and former ministers. Part of the list included computer file titles “Tarekh Osama” or “Osama History”, but the appellation “Golden Chain” itself is due to al Qaeda defector Jamal al-Fadl, who vouched for its authenticity; the FBI later also pronounced the document as genuine

Looking for a bin Laden link? Orlando Business Journal Union questions come as talks over ‘labor peace’ appear to stall

KISSIMMEE — Osceola County’s attorney will examine union claims of alleged ties between the owners of Xentury City Development Co. and the family of Osama Bin Laden.
“We aren’t alleging anything,” says Neal Kwatra, a Washington-based senior research analyst for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International. “We don’t want to characterize this. We are just providing reproductions of publicly available facts.”
[….] Xentury City is the company selected to build the $100 million Osceola County Convention Center. Its parent corporation is Saudi Arabia-based Xenel Industries.
[…] Shipley describes a 90-page packet of information that appears to indirectly tie Xentury’s parent company [Xenel]  to “less than desirable individuals, businesses and organizations.”
Shipley says the union officials would not leave their information packet with him, “on the advice of their attorney.”
The commissioner says he invited the union leaders to present the information at the commission meeting.
Morty Miller, president of Local 362, and Kwatra declined. Both men say they feel the information needs to be presented in its entirety in a calm, dispassionate way. “We wanted to sit with the county attorney and walk her through all the information,” says Kwatra. “We didn’t want a ‘he said, she said,’ circus-like atmosphere. We were discreet; we didn’t take this to the media.”
The union research in question reportedly describes a “close working relationship” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between two wealthy families: the Alireza family and the bin Laden family.
Although the bin Laden family name is now forever tied to Osama bin Laden, it is also known in Saudi Arabia as a $5 billion global construction enterprise launched by Mohammed bin Laden, an illiterate masonry worker and the father of 54 children, including Osama.
The bin Laden family link to Xentury City [Xenel]  as reportedly outlined by the union goes through several connections:
• One major shareholder in the Al Shamal bank founded by Osama bin Laden and others is the Faisal Bank.
• A trust holds an ownership interest in the Faisal bank.
• One member of the board of supervisors of the trust is Abdullah Alireza.
• Alireza is also the managing partner and a major shareholder of Xenel Industries, the parent company of Xentury City.
65 Hmmmm.

Michael Fucking Bloomberg.

The only asshole in America who can pass laws that control what you eat, where you eat it, what you cannot eat, where you cannot smoke cigarettes and more but still can walk up to a microphone and say it is not the governments job to determine if a mosque gets built near Ground Zero.

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Guy Who Paid $4.8 Million For Victory Mosque Property Was, In 2002, a… Waiter

Oh yeah. Nothing at all sketchy about this.

He had been a waiter in 2002. Then he rented apartments on commission since then.

Apparently he saved up $4.8 million for the victory mosque.

Imam Rauf Meeting and Greeting Potential Foreign Muslim Investors For Ground Zero Islamist Victory Mosque, Despite Claims All Funding Would Be Domestic; PS, The State Department’s Paying For His Trip


Atlas Shrugged, quoting and adding a bit to Claudia Rossett’s Forbes report.

Perhaps it’s coincidence that instead of haggling over financing in New York, Rauf–Imam Feisal, to his followers–will spend the rest of the summer touring some of the petro-dollar capitals of the planet, including such fonts of potential funding as Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Rauf’s wife and partner in nonprofits, Daisy Kahn, told me in a phone interview this week that he will not be fundraising during these travels. Nor, said Kahn, will she be fund-raising when she makes a similar State-sponsored outreach trip later this month to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.What does that actually mean? Fundraising, especially in the bargaining halls of the Middle East, does not always consist of a brusque pitch and immediate handshake. A lot of business begins with drinking tea, rubbing shoulders and moseying toward the eventual deal. In May the English-language website of Asharq Al-Awsat reported that Rauf, in a London interview, had said his Islamic center will be financed by donations both from Muslims in the U.S. and from Arab and Islamic countries. Asked recently how this might work in detail, Kahn said she doesn’t know; all plans are still in flux while a new entity to handle the Islamic center project “is being formed.”

To some of the defenders of this project, such specifics don’t matter. New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week said he doesn’t care where the $100 million comes from; he sees it as none of the government’s business. If the only criterion here is that Rauf and his partners comply with the minimum due diligence and disclosure required by law, Bloomberg has a point.

But to a great many Americans, it quite likely does matter where the money comes from. For one thing, there is always the potential for the preferences of big donors to sway the behavior of nonprofit ventures. Countries such as Saudi Arabia are not known for full-throated support of American values and freedoms.

[I]f Rauf’s aim is truly, as he says, to build bridges, reach out and promote harmony in America, then punctuating his Ground Zero project with a summer swing past fonts of Islamic oil money seems an odd way to go about it. With emotions rubbed raw among some families of Sept. 11 victims, with arguments boiling over the “bridge-building” project Rauf himself set in motion, it would seem far more fitting for him to spend his time in America, answering, not least, the many questions he has repeatedly deflected about the money.

Building bridges? How about flying planes into bridges?

The argument of Ms Palin and others is instead that it is insensitive to build a mega-mosque next to the spot where 2,700 people were killed in Islam’s name. This distinction – between what is constitutional and what is appropriate – is an important one.It is lost on Mr Bloomberg. In May, he said: “If somebody was going to try, on that piece of property, to build a church or a synagogue, nobody would be yelling and screaming.” That is right. But history matters, too. The attacks of 2001 were not a political-science abstraction. They were an expression of Islam.

And Bill Kristol on Mayor Mike Bloomberg: “Shut up, he explained.”

Last Tuesday, standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke on the subject of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. His remarks will be read with curiosity by future generations of Americans, who will look back in astonishment at the self-deluding pieties and self-destructive dogmas that are held onto, at once smugly and desperately, by today’s liberal elites. Our liberation from those dogmas, and from those elites, is underway across the nation. But it’s worth taking a look at Bloomberg’s speech, if only to remind us of what we need to ascend from so our descendants can look back with curiosity at the ethos to which we did not succumb.As is the way of contemporary liberals, Bloomberg spoke at a very high level of abstraction. He appealed to the principle of religious toleration, while never mentioning the actual imam who is responsible for and would control the planned Ground Zero mosque. To name Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf might invite a consideration of his background, funding, and intentions. Do Rauf and his backers believe in the principles underlying the “inspiring symbol of liberty” that greets immigrants to the United States and before which Bloomberg stood? Bloomberg didn’t say. It apparently doesn’t matter. Toleration means asking nothing, criticizing nothing, saying nothing, about whom or what one is tolerating. This is the Sergeant Schultz standard of toleration: I know nothing.

Are Muslims required to be tolerant of our sensitivities about Islamist mass murder? Or do we not count?

A question I’d like posed to Imam Rauf and Daisy Khan. They say (dishonestly, I think) that they are building the mosque to send a “message,” allegedly about peace and harmony.

How many Muslims do they imagine will get a different message — that Muslims have knocked down one of our churches (one of capitalist decadence, in their eyes) and erected a Muslim Mosque on the site, as they have hundreds of times before? And that this message is actually “Terrorism works, and Islamism shall triumph”?

Do they deny a significant fraction of Muslims will take that message from their Victory Mosque?

And which Muslims do we have to worry about more — the ones who would be receptive to a supposed message of peace, or the ones who would seize upon a message of triumph through terrorism?

Ask them, conservative media. Demand that they answer with no evasions.

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