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Ed. note, as of last month, (july 2010) we have still been finding body parts in and around the ground zero complex. in other words, we still have not collected all of our dead. fellow citizens who died in the most unimaginably terrifying way. and before we finish collecting the bodies of the fallen,

a mosque will be built beside thier remains?

The Ground Zero Mosque: Prevent It, Because the Want It

[The following essay is a guest post from CY commenter Mike McDaniel]

“The capitalists will sell us the rope which we will use to hang them!” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was fond of saying.  While there was a kernel of truth in his observation, not only did Lenin and his successors fail to understand their enemy, ultimately the Soviets couldn’t afford to build the gallows.  Cultural misunderstanding and self delusion have been the downfall of more than one nation.

And so we find ourselves contemplating the construction of a mosque overshadowing Ground Zero.  Many Muslims and a great many leftists are speaking with one voice and using the same propaganda techniques.  Foremost among them is a sort of constitutional Ju-Jitsu whereby the freedoms and tolerance inherent in the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian ethic are used against America.

“Tolerance demands that we allow Muslims to build a Mosque wherever they want but particularly here!  Freedom of religion!  Freedom of speech!  Freedom of assembly and association!  Tolerance!  Muslims around the world will see that we like them and they in turn will like us!  Muslims have legitimate grievances and building the mosque will address them!  They want to build it there to establish a dialogue!  It’s a community center where we can all come together and build, you know, like, a bridge or a community or something!”  They cry, boldly thrusting their receding chins fractions of an inch forward.

There is one reason to prevent the construction of this mosque that is compelling and self evident.  It is the only reason we need:  We should prevent it because they want it.

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Among the primary concerns of any faith congregation building a house of worship is the cost of land. Location is an associated concern, of course, but we are to believe that the particular Muslim congregation (does such a congregation exist?) behind this mosque thinks it, first and foremost, a good idea to build on some of the most expensive real estate on the planet? Are NYC area Muslims forced to worship exposed to the cruel elements? Are there no other mosques in NYC? Are there no other landowners who would be delighted to sell land elsewhere in the area for millions, perhaps tens of millions less?

While we justly revere the First Amendment, Muslims cannot, not if they are strictly observant Muslims. The Constitution establishes no right to build a church wherever one wishes, nor does a church have any overarching moral claim (absent compelling historical issues) to a particular plot of land. Zoning laws can and do prevail. The democratic, secular law takes precedence.

Islam, which means “submission,” makes no distinction between church and state. In fact, under Sharia, the church is the super state. Let us keep in mind that Islam is not, in fact, a religion of peace, but a violent, expansionist creed whose holy text spells out in substantial detail exactly how to conquer and treat the conquered who have the choice of converting to Islam, accepting slavery (dhimmitude), or death. In fact, when various islamist lunatics issue mandates, they commonly demand that the infidels (all non-Muslims) they wish to attack (that’s us, folks) convert to Islam. Americans tend to think they’re just engaging in silly rhetoric, but they are scrupulously following their scripture, which requires them to make that very offer. If the offer is rejected they may slaughter the infidels with Allah’s blessing.

While it is undeniably true that most Muslims do practice cultural and religious tolerance and have no intention of undertaking Jihad against infidels, this speaks only to their individual humanity and/or lack of bloodlust. It certainly does not reflect the undeniable, historic dictates of their faith and the tens of millions of Muslims who have taken or will take the path of Jihad. In short, Islam, at its core, is not compatible with democracy, freedom of religion, or tolerance. It does require that all faithful Muslims labor to take over the world for Islam and to establish Sharia everywhere. And where Sharia rules, democracy and western civilization are, of necessity, obliterated. The self deluded may imagine that Sharia and individual freedom can peacefully coexist in mutually tolerant bliss, but Islamists have no such misapprehensions.

Ah, tolerance! Tolerance is a luxury that is affordable only in advanced, democratic civilizations that share the same political and cultural assumptions. We can be sure that the Methodist congregation building a new church down the street will not be plotting to kill Catholics, or anyone else for that matter. We can tolerate them because we know that they will play by the rules, and will, in return, tolerate us. Should one member of that church decide to reject all religion or to become a Lutheran, no religious hit will be issued by the Methodists because freedom of religion, in conscience and practice, is fundamental to America. And should a Baptist minister suspect that a member of his congregation is homosexual or having an affair, he will not order their torture, mutilation or death because he has no such power or inclination. All know that should they decide to visit another church, they will be welcomed.

Sadly, none of this is true with Islam, and this is where so many well intentioned Christians and Americans make a fundamental mistake: They assume that Muslims, that people raised in other nations and cultures, are just like us. They believe that our reasoning, our traditions, our arguments will be convincing to peoples who may as well be from another planet in their ability and inclination to accept American values and culture. They know, intellectually, that many Muslims murder their wives, sisters, mothers and daughters for real or imagined offenses against family honor. They know that many Muslim men consider it their religious, manly duty to beat women. They know that in many Muslim nations, livestock are treated better than women. They know that under Sharia, there is no such thing as due process, and punishments are medieval. They know that homosexuals are routinely slaughtered. They may even be willing to admit that Islam is murderously hostile to virtually every social and political cause they hold dear. They may even admit that tens of millions of Muslims are actively training and plotting to kill all infidels, and particularly Israelis and Americans. They know that the idea of a Muslim “community center” in a mosque is an oxymoron because no infidel is allowed to set foot in a mosque, where Muslim men and women are strictly segregated. Yet in the same breath, they earnestly say “but,” and continue to believe that this time, this gesture, this appeasement, their individual force of personality, will prevail and magically turn Martians into Americans. If only the American president, The One, he of the Muslim middle name, which must never be spoken to or by infidels, only reaches out to the Muslim world from a Muslim capital, his rhetoric will transform Islam as it is attempting to transform America. As Sarah Palin might say, “how’s that hope and change and outreach working out for you?”
Let us not forget too the power of symbolism for Muslims, specifically, the Bin Laden “strong horse” symbolism. For Americans, extending mercy and practicing tolerance are virtues, signs of strength, character and altruism. For traditional Muslims, mercy is extended only to other Muslims. Infidels who offer it during Jihad are weak horses. Historically, Muslims conquering other lands and faiths have razed the houses of worship of the conquered and erected mosques on their foundations. Could any symbolism be more obvious? Recall, if you will, how untold millions of Muslims around the world, most of whom will likely never undertake Jihad, danced in the streets with rapturous glee at the news of 9-11. Symbolism. Building a mosque on Ground Zero would be the ultimate expression of world wide jihadist triumphalism, akin to dancing on the grave of an enemy. That’s not going to happen, so they’re going for the next best thing. They believe that we will sell them the rope that they’ll use to hang us, or in this case, the real estate.



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  1. Trencherbone

    August 12, 2010 at 8:15 am

    The Muslims have made a major tactical blunder with the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, and we Islamically-aware counterjihadists need to use it and strike while the iron is hot. The Muslim grand strategy requires incremental creeping Sharia and supremacism, where Islam insidiously takes over and slowly destroys Western civilization by a thousand cuts. Every advance should be so small that the ‘najis kafir sons of pigs and monkeys’ (that’s us, folks!) either don’t notice it, or can’t be bothered to oppose such a minor irritation.

    But this abomination has half awoken the sleeping giant of American Public Opinion. We need to keep prodding the giant to prevent him falling back to sleep, and hopefully get him to awake fully. To do this we need to spread our message beyond the counter-jihadist blogosphere, using local media and social networks etc.

    We also need to link the Mosque issue to the general problems of Islamic supremacism in as many ways as possible, a full list of topics can be found here:

    A particular example that most Americans will be unaware of is the Islamic motivation for the Beslan child-rape orgy and massacre, the sixth anniversary of which approaches. The MSM went to great lengths to cover up both the vileness of the sexual tortures, and the Muslim involvement and Islamic doctrinal basis of this attack on kafir children

    Although Beslan did not produce the greatest number of casualties of the current jihad, it exceeds all others in its sadism and depravity, and graphically illustrates what we have allowed into the West. Please ensure through your blogs and forums that the anniversary of Beslan is not forgotten this year.

  2. rumcrook™

    August 12, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    thanks Trencherbone, I added a link to your beslan post at your blog at the bottom of my muslim religious tolerance post. I may add some excerpts from it after work. good work shinning the light of day, the universal disinfectant on this for us fellow infidels.


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