the decline of America, this is what it looks like

24 Aug

and this….

What does this graphic say to you?

This graphic appeared in the current print-edition of Time Magazine, attached to the article “Sacred Spaces” by Nancy Gibbs.

The theme for the week was Sacred Spaces, and roughly 4,000 people turned out to hear filmmaker Ken Burns give a lecture about the Brooklyn Bridge and Ebbets Field, Vézelay and Jerusalem: “What makes sacred space is the overlay of experience,” he said, whether the experience is of war or wonder or revelation. So Gettysburg is hallowed ground, as is the Grand Canyon

when we can no longer protect our sacred spaces, we will be commiting slow suicide from within.

not sacred space you say? not the hole that was the twin towers? its still ground zero. parts of a plane landed on that building and body parts too. that makes it part of our hollowed ground. it is a disgrace for anyone not to recognize that. and the effort to build there under the guise of building bridges has at this point been exposed as a ruse by malicious people with hidden intentions.

the Arabic version of Feisal Abdul Rauf’s book was published in Malaysia titled “A CALL TO PRAYER, FROM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER RUBBLE: ISLAMIC DAWA (SUMMONS TO ISLAM) IN THE HEART OF AMERICA POST-9/11.”

so even he knows from where he wants to build. and why.

to crush us. to destroy us. to convert us to be the “good cop” to al queda’ and the militant islamists “bad cop”.

but guess what the good cop and the bad cop are of the same body. ISLAM.

just the left and the right hand.

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