this is what it looks like when americans wake up and repudiate socialism alternate title: alan grayson is my shineboy

04 Nov

yes this is what it looks like. they lied they stole they cheated, they talked down too us like we were shtooopid, and just couldnt understand what was good for us, they believed they were our betters and didnt need to listen to us  and what did it get them?

a chance to stand in the unemployment lines they created. too bad the master archetects of much of the problem like bawny fwank were not sent to the unemployment line also. but its a good day.

now allan grayson can get on in life with his real calling, shine boy!

now go get your  shine box!!!  jump! shine em!

thats right allan you dirtbag. a pic of you will live forever on the net as my shine boy.

and some words of wisdom from emperor misha at the anti idiotarian rottweiller:

~~Ogabe’s veto pen: Let him wield it. Let him continue to stand firmly astride the will of the American people and yell “I won!”, let him continue to show his and his party’s arrogance and condescension, because with every such declaration they hasten their own demise and bring the day that our Republic is restored to its former glory closer.

The very WORST thing that could happen at this point would be for King Narcissus to grow a brain, which is about as likely as bovine aviation, and start triangulating like Billy Jeff did when HE was smacked in the face in HIS midterms. Say what you want about Billy Jeff, you can’t come up with anything worse than what WE’VE said about him, but he knew how the game was played and… Well… 1996, anyone?

Let the RINOs and the NSDWP wallow in their self-congratulatory continued looking down upon Main Street America. They’ve got a loaded gun in their mouthes, so why slap it out of their hands? Better to help them pull the trigger.

And as far as Ogabe’s ability to block new legislation with his veto pen goes, you’re right. We probably won’t be able to pass any legislation for the next two years. But you forget that he can’t veto a refusal to fund his destructive programs, since that is not a bill, that’s a refusal to make one. You can’t veto something that hasn’t been passed.

And good luck enacting something that hasn’t any funds allocated for it.

That’s why His Imperial Majesty couldn’t really care less about our not controlling the Senate at this point. We don’t need it. Besides, to really control the Senate we’d need at least 60 seats and 67 to make it veto proof and, unless you’re smoking crack, that was NEVER in the cards this year.

Again: We don’t need the Senate right now. The Senate doesn’t control the purse strings. The House does. And that we own.

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