the disgusting european left is at it again comparing gaza to the holocaust and to a concentration camp, the proportions of this lie are staggering

13 Nov

Report: Anti-Semitic Themes Skyrocketing in Mainstream British Circles Over Past Year, Tied to Hatred of Israel…

The cesspool on the other side of the Atlantic…

LONDON A report published by a Jewish community organization on Thursday highlights how old anti-Semitic themes to depict Israel and Zionism have become more widespread in mainstream British circles during the past year.

Comparisons of Israel and its supporters to Nazi Germany have become increasingly common among the public, and anti-Semitic conspiracy themes are being used more freely in conversation, the “Anti-Semitic Discourse in Britain in 2009” indicated.

The 57-page report was published by the Community Security Trust, which monitors anti- Semitism and provides security for the Jewish community in Britain.

“As in previous years, the report examines public discussion of anti-Semitism, Jews and Jewish issues in mainstream media and politics,” CST communications director Mark Gardner said.

“It is not the report’s intention to brand those who feature in it as being anti-Semites. Nevertheless, old anti-Semitic motifs remain remarkably persistent, especially in relation to Zionism and Israel, and it is hoped that this report will help explain why CST, the Jewish community and many other observers note and fear the ongoing development of this trend.”

At the heart of revived anti- Jewish sentiments, according to the study, is the “corruption and debasement” of the word “Zionism,” which is found not only in extremist discourse but more commonly in mainstream circles. The overlap of the words “Zionist” and “Jew” also manifests such corruption and reflects modern-day anti-Semitism, according to the CST report.

“When mainstream journalists and politicians use the word ‘Zionism’ in a pejorative way, it can be very difficult to distinguish their words from those of actual anti-Semites who conceal their anti-Semitism by swapping the word ‘Zionist’ for ‘Jew,’” the document states.

The comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany became more popular during and in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, according to the report. This, it says, represents “the deliberate abuse of diminishing the tragedy of the Holocaust and playing upon Jewish sensitivities in order to provoke.”

The Nazi comparisons were seen during the often violent demonstrations that took place in London during the 22-day Gaza conflict. One of the main organizers, the British Muslim Initiative, produced placards saying “STOP the Holocaust in Gaza.”

The placard of another organizing group, the Palestinian Forum in Britain, featured a swastika joined to a Magen David with the words, “History seems to be repeating itself.”

Because of groups’ connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, the report questions the alliance with far-left fringe groups such as the Socialist Workers Party.

Richard Seymour, a spokesman for the party, asserted that those attending a Jewish community rally for peace “ought to be shunned and treated as the moral and political degenerates that they are.”


richard is a shit peddling evil flying monkey.

got that richard? if you ever stumble across this you will know that I at least called you out for the lying piece of crap that you are.

stop the holocuast in gaza??!!

it is evil personified in every  person who participated in the disgusting comparison of  how the gazans live with how the jews of europe were murdered by the millions.

is this a holocaust?

pics of the new gaza mall the mall includes a supermarket, international clothing stores, a food court, beauty products, a children’s playground, a restaurant, an underground carpark, and much-needed air conditioning

how about this? is this starvation and holocaust?



partial list of new amenities in gaza.

new Gaza children’s water park

new swimming pools and restaurants and resorts

riding stables for children

A cake shop and a bakery

This is just one of several such hotels in “concentration camp” Gaza:

(Above: The hotel lobby)

(Above: The hotel exterior)

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