freedom of speach, but only for islam. freedom of religion, but only for islam, freedom of movement, but only for islam

20 Nov

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A Charlotte-area flight attendant and cancer survivor contacted WBTV after she says she was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a pat-down.

UK: Police Blame English Defense League For Islamic Extremism

Want Human Rights? Leave the United Nations

From Israpundit:
Good news everybody. Saudi Arabia now has a seat on the women’s board at the United Nations. That’s right, a regime where it’s illegal for women to drive or leave the house without being accompanied by a male guardian, where girls were pushed into a burning building because they were trying to flee without covering their ‘obscene’ female faces… will be a key player in the international effort to empower women.

I don’t know what contribution the Saudis can make to the project, since in Ridyah, empowering women usually means strapping them into an electric chair. But in the Muslim world, human rights is usually read to mean banning criticism of Islam under the guise of Islamophobia. In Europe, Islamists are calling the Burqa a human right. That’s probably what the Saudis will bring to the table, along with the condemnations of Israel that are De rigueur in every UN group and body.

Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, called the Saudi win, “a very good outcome”. I’m not sure what she would consider a bad outcome. Given her role in kneecapping Canada for the Security Council seat, Rice would probably have considered a victory by a country that actually gives women full equal rights to be a defeat. When your only goal is to pander to the Third World, particularly the Muslim parts of it, in order to defy the colonialist and phallocratic Western patriarchy, handing over power to a phallocratic Eastern patriarchy is just a means to an end. At least until it actually becomes the end. The end of everything.

The fallacy of the United Nations is its assumption that every member of the UN is morally equal. The truth is that the majority of the world’s nations are dictatorships with limited human rights. The UN is nothing more than the representatives of dictatorships trying to talk about human rights without breaking up into gales of laughter. If you replaced 75 percent of the UN’s representatives with members of American street gangs, you would still end up with a more civilized body.

Iran’s UN Human Rights Envoy Justifies the Regime’s Stoning of Criminals as a “Lesser Punishment Because You Could Survive”…

The Mullahs are pure evil…

New York, Nov 19 (ANI): Iran’s top human rights official has given a robust defence of his country’s right to engage in the stoning of criminals and imprison lawyers viewed as threatening the stability of the Islamic Republic, as he assailed the United Nations’ censure against Tehran for what it said was an accelerating crackdown on its opponents.

“We think this line of action is neither fair, nor contributes to the promotion of human rights… This resolution is stemming from American hostility towards Iran….It’s a politicisation of human rights,” The Wall Street Journal quoted Mohammad-Javad Larijani, as saying at Iran’s UN mission in New York before the vote by the committee, which comprises all UN members.

The UN resolution said that Tehran’s government has moved to choke off the ability of Iran’s opposition to communicate via the Internet, and has continued to arrest leading political opponents, journalists and attorneys.

The document, which is nonbinding, calls on the Ahmadinejad government “to launch a process of credible, independent and impartial investigations into reports of human-rights violations and to end impunity.”

But Larijani, a senior envoy and chief of Iran’s Human Rights Council, defended his country’s right to utilize the threat of stoning, saying it hasn’t been applied for years because of a moratorium, and served as an important deterrent.

“Stoning means you should do a number of acts, by throwing the stone in a limited number, in a special way… In the eyes of some people, stoning is a lesser punishment than execution because there is a chance you should survive… More than 50%…may not die,” he said.


cair: tsa may only pat down head and kneck of muslims, wants exemption for muslims to enhanced pat down

November 15, 2010 12:53 PM EST

There are plenty of reasons to oppose naked body scanners and the recent groping incidents, but this response to them from Hamas-linked CAIR exposes its Islamic supremacist agenda like nothing else does.  CAIR, which ought to stand for the Coalition of Angry Islamic Reactionaries, sees no reason why Muslims shouldn’t receive LESS security screening than anyone else. The scanners, and the whole TSA security apparatus, exists in the first place because of Islamic jihad terrorists, and now CAIR is demanding an exemption from such scanning for the very group from which comes the subgroup that made it necessary.

Swedish Muslim Carries out Suicide Bombing in Iraq…

Exploding with love for the “prophet”…

(Stockholm News)The Swedish 36-year-old went to Iraq – to die as a martyr for the terrorist group The Islamic State of Iraq. In the city of Mosul, he blew himself up and killed several people. Back home in Sweden he left his wife and four children.

Information about the man was published on a Internet forum used by the terrorist network Al Qaeda, writes the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Also on other forums there are details on the 36-year-old, a Swedish citizen written on an address in a Stockholm suburb.

The man was born in 1974 in Tunisia and came to Sweden in 2000. The year before he married his Swedish wife abroad. In 2003 he became a Swedish citizen and started up a cleaning business which he ran until 2005.

According to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, in 2008, he enlisted for The Islamic State of Iraq, a terrorist group supported by Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In 2010, in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, the father of four blew himself up in a suicide bomb attack which killed and injured several Iraqi policemen. The exact date is unclear.

He is now hailed as a martyr and hero for this deed on Islamic websites.

Back home in Sweden lives his wife and young children. His wife knew that her husband was in Iraq to fight in the war, she tells newspaper Expressen.

She was told that her man had died over the telephone.

“There was a man who called me. He said very short: ‘Your husband is dead. He has become a martyr.’ And hung up,” she told the newspaper.

“What he has done is right. I’m proud of him.”


shes proud of him!? how sweet, he died murdering people and she’s proud……

and we have to live like this isnt happening, oooh you cant say muslims are responsible thats bigoted … oooh other peoples do bad things too  oooohh your not allowed to point out reality, keep pretending the naked king has a great suit of clothes on.. and muslims dont do this and little old ladies like this: have to get “enhanced patdowns”


a long but enlighting article, finish at gates

Islam as the Victor of Western Value-Relativism

As reported here a couple of weeks ago, the German author and journalist Michael Mannheimer gave a speech about the history of Islam on October 30 at the Amsterdam free speech rally. Mr. Mannheimer has kindly sent us an English translation by Maria Sander of one of his articles, which originally appeared at Politically Incorrect.

Byzantium: The Fall of Constantinople, 1453
Islam as the Victor of Western Value-Relativism
By Michael Mannheimer

A Critical Discourse on Pure Tolerance

The clash of civilizations, the collision between cultures, forecast by Samuel P. Huntington, has long since become an obvious fact in modern-day Europe, finding its clearest expression in the confrontation of Islam with the remnants of European Christianity. This collision not only is echoed in the form of terrorist attacks but also as a bitter battle of ideals between two systems of values that could hardly be more opposed to each other, namely the archaic totalitarian value system of Islam and the one represented by post modern European Enlightenment.

In the wake of this quarrel, the world of Islam has already achieved considerable partial success, thanks to something we might call “value indifference coupled with blind tolerance” exhibited by European political elites, which has already lead to a process of disintegration of both Europe’s ethic-religious foundations and its sphere of rights. In the end Islam may well emerge as victorious should Europe fail to rethink its occidental Christian roots.


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