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28 Nov

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Biography of the Prophet Muhammad – Illustrated

Friday, 26 November 2010 01:01 Indonesia Faithfreedom

A group of brilliant Indonesian artists have put Muhammad’s life into images. Given the power and ease with which images can dessiminate the truth, this will be another huge blow to Islam and a great service to humanity…



We are from the Indonesian Faithfreedom and we would like to announce the publication of our new book, Biography of the Prophet Muhammad – Illustrated – Volume 1. The book was  created collaboratively by several senior members of Indonesia Faithfreedom forum. The idea of creating an illustrated book about Muhammad came when we realized that illustrations can be a powerful tool to explain about Islam. We also scanned Qur’an intrepetations (tafsir) and showed the pages in our forum to back up our comic strips. Without the comic strips and scanned tafsir, we have to repeat the information over and over during debates with new Muslim visitors, and advise them to read articles in our huge Resource Centers that contain tens of thousands of articles in Indonesian about Muhammad, Qur’an, Hadith, and anything about Islam. But Muslims usually refused to follow our advice and just ignored our textual information. On the other hand, we do not have to ask them to read the comic strips, because they already do that out of curiosity.

We created several comic strips, such as Muhammad and Hafsa, Muhammad and Zainab, The Killing of Umm Qirfa, The Killing of the Muslim Bajilis, and they immediately grabbed people’s attention. Because of these comic strips, everybody in our forum now knows very quickly, for instance, how

Muhammad destroyed Zaid’s marriage by marrying his own daughter –in-law, how Muhammad lied to Hafsa just to have sex with her maid, Mariah the Coptic, on Hafsa’s bed, and that Mariah had a son (Ibrahim) with Muhammad out of wedlock. Indonesian Muslims believe that having a child out of wedlock is a big sin, and the child is considered as anak haram (bastard) which brings huge shame to the family. You can imagine how shocked they are when they find out that their Prophet produced a bastard.

Our forum members spread the comic strips to their blogs, websites, Facebooks, etc and soon the Indonesian Government condemned the comic strips and Indonesia Faithfreedom forum on TV news, newspaper, magazine, internet media. For example, see following viedo:

It is not our intention to cause anger among Muslims. We just have a strong urge to counter the lies that Indonesian ulamas spread to promote Islam. For instance, they said that Muhammad earned his living as a merchant/trader (yeah right, slave trader that is), that the ancient Javanese great kingdom of Majapahit is not a Hindu Shiva-Budha kingdom, but an Islamic kingdom, that the great Borobudur temple is not built by buddhists but by Muslims, that the Indonesian Christian heroes such as Pattimura and Si Singa Mangaraja XII were actually Muslims. Islam is based on lies, deception, and murders. We counter Islam by providing solid arguments in our articles, translations from, comic strips, scanned Qur’an tafsir and Islamic literatures in Indonesian, etc. After trying hard for two years, we began to see the result.

One by one, Indonesian Muslims started to write testimonies that they left Islam because of the information in Indonesia Faithfreedom. Muslims in our forum were surprised and did not believe that any Muslim would ever leave Islam because of us. They mocked us for two years because during that period of time, we never had any Indonesian apostate’s testimony. Soon the numbers of apostates increased rapidly and we created a special sub-forum for them:

Each thread in the sub forum Mengapa Saya Murtad (Why I Apostate) reveals a testimony of leaving Islam by an ex-Muslim or several Muslims. Sometimes the whole family left Islam altogether. Once one left Islam, he/she will spread the word to other family members, spouses, close friends, etc. Because of this, nowadays, Indonesian Muslims do not take us lightly anymore.

Our success encouraged us to produce an illustrated book of Prophet Muhammad. The first volume is about the life of Muhammad in Mecca up to the time he migrated to Medina. We spent three years to produce this book because none of us could do it full time. We hope we can sell the book to finance the production of the next volumes  2 and volume 3, which are about Jihad in Islam. Please help us by spreading the word about our new book. You can obtain more information about the book by visiting this website:

The printed hardcover book is only $14.50, cheap, and available at

The e-book and iBook versions are only $10.99 each and you can order them from here:

(Payloadz is part of PayPal, and they guarantee to provide safe and secure financial transactions.)


Thank you for reading this article and we will appreciate your support tremendeously. We also would like to thank you our dear friend Ali Sina for writing the preface of the book and giving invaluable inputs for us.

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