islam has no golden rule and the true object of worship is mohomid not “alah” who was mohamids sock puppet

03 Dec

mohamid was an absolutely vicious diabolical evil man. he stole, he cheated, he coveted, he murdered. and he constructed his religion around the principle that he and his actions were the only true behavior to emulate. this attracted the worst of the worst who were able to spread his power at the point of a sword with no regard to the evil they participated in.


the meme islam is a religion of peace is the greatest lie propagated. and is meant at once to confuse, to counterbalance the actual war being waged by islam against all non believers and to hold a carrot out to those who weary of the struggle to stay free from islamic dominance and absorbtion.

once your society becomes muslim thier will be peace. until then we will continue to harass enslave and murder you.~~~~rumcrook

The Utter Ruthlessness of Islam
…absolutely anything is justified if it works towards Islam’s final victory.

In Islam there is no system of morality or ethics as we would understand it. The greatest good is to work towards Islam’s domination of the entire world , and to achieve this objective any means are justified, just as Mohammed was utterly ruthless in using any means to spread his cult.

Mohammed murdered, tortured, raped, looted, lied and extorted to further the expansion of Islam, and his modern followers do exactly the same.

Divinely approved thuggery
There is no room for conscience in Islam; any personal ideas of right or wrong are heretical. Right and wrong are determined solely by what Mohammed did or said. Mohammed is the ‘Perfect Man’ and role model for all Muslims for all time.

Therefore, the objective of every jihadist is to become a ruthless, mindless robotic clone of Mohammed, a killing machine programmed to react in the way that he would. There is no morality to be found in Islam, just a set of conditioned responses and endlessly repetitive obsessive-compulsive rituals around tribal totems, taboos and mumbo-jumbo, which serve to further retard the clones’ critical mental faculties.

And just as the psychopath Mohammed murdered, raped, tortured, plundered and lied to spread his cult, driven by his all-consuming need to dominate , so his modern clones do the same, including the torture, rape and mass-murder of children – all done without the slightest feelings of guilt or remorse in the knowledge that they are pleasing to Allah.

Hatred of ‘filthy infidels’ is the pivot of Islamic existence
Jihadists are taught from infancy that non-Muslims are ‘najis kafirs’ – filthy unbelievers who may be exterminated as vermin. This dehumanisation of non-Muslims further destroys any vestiges of pity or compassion that the predatory jihadist may feel towards his victims. And since everything belongs to Allah, the land and property of the unbelievers are there for the taking by the true followers of the ‘prophet’.

What non-Muslims have come to regard as the jihadists’ arrogant sense of unearned entitlement and shameless parasitism is just putting these beliefs into action.

Islam – organized crime by an army of ruthless psychopaths
Consequently, looting, pimping, pillaging and extorting from the non-Muslims is not a crime, and such activities attract praise rather than blame from the ‘community’ , provided that some of the profits go to finance jihad.

So the process of Islamic indoctrination turns potentially normal people into psychopaths, a process which is usually complete and irreversible by the early teens. Terrorism has then become second-nature to the brainwashed jihadist, because the Perfect Psychopath himself set the example when he bragged ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

The rabies of religions
Churchill compared Islam to the rabies virus , which takes over the victim’s mind and reprograms him into a ruthless machine for its own propagation.

…adapted from from an original article at

“Why are Muslims so different, so arrogant, aggressive, predatory and downright dangerous? Why are their leaders so deceitful and creepy? And why can they never live in peace with the rest of us?

To understand what makes Muslims tick, you need to understand how utterly slavishly they imitate the founder of their death-cult, the charlatan and false prophet Mohammed.

Mohammed was a terrorist, murderer, sadist, rapist, pedophile, slaver, robber, extortionist, control-freak, liar and charlatan. Okay, so nobody’s perfect. But that unfortunately is the problem. Muslims are brainwashed from infancy into believing that Mohammed was indeed the perfect man, ‘al-insan al-kamil and uswa hasana’–the model of behavior for all those wishing to be obedient to Allah.

So to be a good Muslim is to be a robotic clone of the original founder of the cult (i.e. a ‘mobot’), whom you must emulate in every way, and in the process destroy your own individuality, judgment and conscience. Muslims try to ape Mohammed’s behavior down to the tiniest details. For example, one of the Four Imams, Abmad ibn Hanbal, was a great Traditionalist. It is stated that he would not eat watermelons because, although he knew that the ‘Prophet’ ate them, he could not learn whether the ‘Prophet’ ate them with or without the rind, or whether he broke, bit or cut them.

Islam is not about right and wrong thinking but correct behaviour. If one imitates the behaviours of Mohammed, then one is observant and submissive. Morality is not a part of Islam. If there is a more fundamental difference between Islam and all other creeds and religions I do not know of it. It is so alien that the reader will have to consider its implications for some time to grasp the full meaning of it.

Muslims often try to deceive Christians and Jews into believing that Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, is one of three closely related ‘Abrahamic faiths’. But if we examine the ethical basis of Islam, and judge the tree by its fruits, we realise that Islam is totally alien. Judaism and Christianity have more in common with the unrelated Buddhism than they do with Islam.

For the devout Muslim there is no place for conscience, compassion or empathy, only mobotic behavior patterns programmed by a long-dead psychopath. There is no morality to be had in Islam. There is consequently no Golden Rule (‘Do not do to another that which would be hurtful to you’) [Ed- a point we ourselves have brought up on this blog] or any other higher ethical principles. There is nothing apart from a huge number of prescribed regulations which must be obsessively and compulsively observed. Hence the lack of originality and creativity in the Muslim world. The Ummah has effectively only one brain for 1.2 billion people and that brain belongs to Mohammed.

The Muslim has no need for a conscience, because Mohammed’s example determines what is right or wrong. If he wants to rape a nine year old girl or slaughter a few hundred kuffar then he will not be bothered by a guilty conscience, because the ‘perfect man’ has set the precedents.

One of the principle characteristics of a psychopath is that he lacks any conscience . So does Islam actually attempt to turn its adherents into psychopaths? In current clinical use, psychopathy is most commonly diagnosed using the checklist devised by Emeritus Professor Robert Hare. He describes psychopaths as:

“…intraspecies predators who use charm, manipulation, intimidation, and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse. What is missing, in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony.”

Islam produces swarms of mobotic clones programmed to emulate a seventh century psychopath. It is so alien that the reader will have to consider its implications for some time to grasp its full meaning.”

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