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11 Dec
Posted by Frank J. at 1:02 pm

So some people are trying to point out that FOX News is biased because they had a memo saying not to use the phrase “public option” and instead say “government option”. This is just another why FOX News is useful because the phrase “public option” is pure liberal messaging — liberal messaging being trying to obscure whatever it is they’re talking about — while “government option” makes sure people know quite accurately that they’re talking about a government run health care plan. So the real story is FOX News was the only one not buying into left-wing, government propaganda and making sure that people accurately know what is going on… again.

And if you watch carefully, there are some other phrases FOX News avoids and instead uses more accurate terms:


Instead of “undocumented immigrants” they say “Mexican invaders”.

Instead of “gun control” they say “laws based on hatred of freedom”.

Instead of “pro-choice” they say “lovers of dead babies”.

Instead of “progressives” they say “feces-covered neo-hippies”.

Instead of “international community” they say “foreign weirdos”.

Instead of “Palestine” they say “terrorists contiguous to Israel”.

Instead of “liberal online activists” they say “weird smelling, America-hating basement dwellers”.

Instead of “President Obama” they say “Kenyan born socialist known as Hussein”.

remember, by his tee shirts.


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