so afraid to name a muslim as the bomber or even admit it was an attack, swedish news lied about what happened.

12 Dec

TV2 [Denmark] is reporting that the bomber was carrying a rucksack full of nails. Swedish TV is a disgrace — they refuse to say that the killing is related to the bombing. And they won’t say the two explosions were related.

On Swedish TV they actually said that a car containing fireworks caught on fire.

coming to an american mall for christmas some time soon…..

Theoden: I will not risk open war.
Aragorn: Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not…

and from eye on the world

Multiculturalism FAIL: Chilling Facebook memorial page dedicated to Stockholm suicide bomber

The author of the page, obviously a Muslim, expresses deep regret that none of the Swedish people have died in the blasts and ends his dedication with a mass murdering wish, a praise to Allah and a declaration of jihad:

“It’s a real shame that none of you died. Over 9000 should have died. Swedish people deserve to die. Allha Akbar! Holy war!”

take a look.  the cancer can even be seen on facebook. the cancer is living with us with impunity. it wants to destroy us.
in my estimation it is time for chemotherapy.
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