Tight security …. but not for sensitive Muslims. Two fully veiled women boarding a flight from Montreal to Heathrow without showing their faces

14 Dec

Today you can’t travel without Islam because everywhere you go there is suspicion, bag checks, fear whether it’s airports, train stations, the underground, theatres, arenas …anywhere and everywhere we are reminded of the deadly ideology of Islam.   Blame ISLAM for this destruction of our peace.


Heathrow airport: Arriving at Heathrow, one could be excused for thinking you had arrived in Islam-land.  Everywhere the black shroud and the Muslim man with the multiple ‘wives’ dragging behind bringing everything including the endless children.
Yes, good old England!

Still, there were some funny incidents.  About 10 or so travellers of various races/ethnicities, including myself and 3 black shrouds were waiting for one of the big lifts in Heathrow.   The lift arrives and the shrouds step in — there was plenty of room but no-one else moved. I think a shroud looked out but still no-one moved, then off went the lift.   We all piled into the next one.   Me thinks there may be a dislike of Islam surfacing among many or were we all just too polite to inflict our filthy kuffar bodies on those pure Muslims!!

Muslim travelers praying at Heathrow Airport, London 

Next through the bag scanner and arch.  As I got through I said to hubby, “What a joke, there’s a Muslim in a hijab scanning the bags –aren’t they the ones we’re protecting ourselves from?” And, standing right behind me was another hijab holding the little scanner used on those who beep when passing through the arch!   I just laughed!

There is NO SECURITY IN AIRPORTS.  Australia is just as bad.  We need to protect ourselves from MUSLIMS – you know the people who follow allah and Mohammad who taught the supremacy of Islam and the need to slaughter those who refuse to join or dare to leave.

The sheer insanity of Muslim companies being employed in ‘security’ or individual Muslims being employed on scanners or as bag handlers or to repair planes or clean planes and airports or provide food to airports and planes or … should be obvious to ALL.  And our ports?  Ever heard of Dubai Ports World –how mad do we need to be!

Remember, ‘ordinary’ Muslims pose the greatest threat (Pipes2010).   These Muslims sitting on the bag scanners or doing the bag handling etc belong to the Ummah –their allegiance is with Islam, not with us.  They will do what they are told to do for allah.

Remember the Muslim mum, dad and baby in a suicide plot on planes (AAP 2006)?  How about the determined female suicide bombers, the mothers who send their children off with bombs strapped to them, and the mothers who kill their own children and stamp on them if their child is accused of collaborating with Israel (see examples in  “Islam’s death cult women: Baida’s story” Thursday, 18 March 2010 10:07 Circe).  Then there’s those Muslim mothers even in the west who ‘honor kill’ or assist in the honor killing of their children, though most killing is done by Muslim men (see Geller 2009 –read carefully as sometimes the whole family is involved).  These people are often described as ‘nice’ Muslims.

Do we think Muslims who kill their own family are going to care about the safety of our children?   Muslims must hate what allah hates and he hates the non-believers.  Muslims at any time can act on the instructions in Islamic text and Mohammad’s fine example of endless slaughter, enslavement, stealing, rape, and threats.  Muslims are rewarded for killing for allah.

Tight security ….  but not for sensitive Muslims. Two fully veiled women boarding a flight from Montreal to Heathrow  without showing their faces

Because we still refuse to accept that the PROBLEM is the IDEOLOGY OF ISLAM, we recklessly cling to the blind chants of ‘tolerance’ or ‘just a fringe’ or ‘a few radicals’…. and employ Muslims in positions that endanger us all.  That danger can be acted on whenever a Muslim leader gives the word.

Fly, because there is no choice, but never imagine that you are SECURE.


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