England circling the drain redux, the islamization and colonization of england

23 Dec

The Arrest of Guramit Singh for criticizing islam and mohamid in england

what we’re seeing here is the deliberate twisting of already broadly drafted laws in order to make it impossible to criticise Mohammed. The strategy appears to be to prosecute people that the government feels are unpopular enough for them to be able to ram through a conviction, in order to establish the precedent that criticism of Mohammed is a crime.

governments passing broadly worded legislation, then lying in wait for people who speak out of turn, and further twisting the legislation, in order to make it a crime to condemn Islamic doctrine.


RAF Vet Beaten In Street by Two Thugs Shouting ‘F****** Shoot All You Bastards and Blow Your Soldiers Up’…

Ain’t multiculturalism just grand?…

(The Sun)AN RAF veteran told yesterday how he was battered in the street by two thugs who shouted: “Death to soldiers”.

Anthony O’Brien, 69, was head-butted and punched to the ground by the men.

The pair then fled. Grandad Mr O’Brien – who had been wearing his RAF blazer and a Remembrance poppy – was treated in hospital for bruising to his face and an injured nose. He said: “The yobs who did this to me are nothing but cowardly scum.”

Father-of-two Mr O’Brien, who served in the Sixties, was attacked walking home from the pub in Fallowfield, Manchester, where he and pals had discussed arrangements for an old colleague’s funeral. He said: “I saw these two lads and, as I got near, they started shouting and swearing.

“They were shouting, ‘F****** shoot all you bastards and blow your soldiers up. Death to all soldiers.’ I was scared.

“I was wearing my RAF blazer and poppy – I wear it regularly because it’s smart and I’m proud of it. I thought they were drunk or something. I told them to leave me alone but the little fella hit me on the side of my head.

“Then the other fella head-butted me. Then they ran away.”

The attack has left him in a wheelchair with heart trouble and breathing problems.

PC Michael Seddon, of Greater Manchester Police, described the attack as “brutal” and appealed for information.

The suspects were described as Asian or mixed race
I would have described them as koranimals.


Christmas bomb plot: nine Muslim men remanded over plan to ‘blow up Big Ben and Westminster Abbey’

Nine alleged Muslim terrorists plotted a Christmas bombing campaign targeting sites that included the London Stock Exchange and Big Ben, a court heard.
(Telegraph) They are alleged to have carried out reconnaissance missions before deciding on their possible targets.

Police were said to have found a list of six sites, including the full postal address of the Stock Exchange, Boris Johnson’s London mayoral office and the US embassy.

Defendants were seen studying the tower of Big Ben, before inspecting Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Church of Scientology.

Al-Qaeda inspired books and leaflets, including instructions on making a pipe bomb, were also uncovered during the counter-terrorism operation.

Details of the alleged plot were outlined at City of Westminster magistrates’ court.

The defendants, aged 19 to 28, were charged on Sunday with conspiracy to cause an explosion and conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism, having been arrested during early-morning raids in Cardiff, London and Stoke-on-Trent on Dec 20.

Piers Arnold, prosecuting, said the list of landmarks was found during police searches. “A handwritten note was found next to a computer with six contact details handwritten. They included the name, full address and post codes,” he said.

Among the details were the addresses of the Dean of St Paul’s Chapter House and of two rabbis at separate synagogues.


The narrative of victimhood comes easily to followers of Islam. They constantly bemoan the prejudice they have to endure and the oppression they suffer in the bigoted western world, where Islamophobia is supposedly rampant. Every terrorist atrocity, every blood-soaked massacre is justified by reference to imagined grievances.

But by far the greatest persecutors of other faiths are Muslim hardliners themselves. The great Caribbean writer VS Naipaul once described Islam as “sanctified rage”. The proof of those words has been graphically illustrated by a growing catalogue of barbarities committed by Islamic militants against Christians, none of them more shocking than the mass murder committed in a Catholic Church in Baghdad at the end of October, when 58 people were gunned down during an act of worship. “All of you are infidels,” said one of the killers before opening fire on the congregation.

This kind of lethal oppression against Christians is happening all over the Muslim world. In Nigeria there has been a spate of attacks on Christian churches and clerics. In the Philippines, 11 people were injured this week in the bombing of a Catholic chapel. The totalitarian nature of Islam, which is as much a political ideology as a religious creed, means that freedom of worship is drastically restricted for other believers.

One Pakistani woman, Asia Bibi, is now facing the death penalty for the crime of blasphemy after she allegedly insulted the prophet Mohammed. Asia Bibi says she did no such thing but only tried to defend her faith when Muslim co-workers on a farm accused her of being “unclean” and tried to convert her to Islam.

Yet western political leaders, through a mixture of cowardice and denial, have refused to challenge the Islamic culture of persecution. In any other sphere, they make an absolute fetish of their devotion to the causes of equality and anti-discrimination.

If Muslims were being gunned down and bombed in western mosques by Christian fanatics, there would rightly be a tremendous outcry and Christians themselves would react with horror and fury at what was perpetrated by twisted zealots in the name of their faith. But the entire political establishment remains silent, continuing to pretend that Islamophobia is the real threat to harmony.

Perhaps most disappointing of all has been the enfeebled response of our own church leaders. The Pope made some perfunctory words of condemnation about the Baghdad massacre but has generally preferred to stick to arcane theological debates about the use of condoms.Even worse has been the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, whose convoluted utterances epitomise the irresolution of the Church of England, whose present core belief is not in God but in a desperation to appease the enemies of Christianity. Woolly in thought and appearance, he is like some undistinguished lecturer in social policy, dressing up the platitudes of conventional Left-wing wisdom in academic jargon and longwinded verbiage. 

His Christmas sermon epitomised so much that is wrong with the Anglican Church. Instead of a robust defence of his faith at a unique moment in the Christian calendar, he slid into some neo-Marxist drivel about the need for the rich to shoulder more of the financial burden in this time of austerity.

On a political basis, such language is just absurd, the sort of fashionable socialist dogma beloved of student rioters but utterly devoid of any economic credibility. It is nonsense to claim that the affluent are not paying their share. Anyone earning over £41,000 a year, hardly a huge salary, has to hand over nearly half of their income to the Government.

His sermon did touch on the persecution of Christians abroad, but only in the most mealy-mouthed way. He refused to use the word “Islamist” and when talking of the case of Asia Bibi in Pakistan, he just said that “certain groups” were responsible for “the abuse of the law” that had led to the death sentence  against her.

Terrified of any hint of criticism of Islam, he then lavished praise on Muslims in Britain for having “expressed their solidarity” with the beleaguered Christian minority in Iraq. Really? That heroic stance seems to have passed me by.

Dr Wiliams also complained about the breakdown in mutual trust within modern Britain. Well, why does he think that has happened? Could it be the result of the policies of mass immigration and multi-culturalism, which have been so slavishly supported by the Anglican Church but have destroyed our national identity and shared sense of belonging?

In particular, there can be little spirit of unity in a country where much of the growing Muslim population  prefers separatism to integration. Our society is now forced to accept practices that are entirely alien to the British way of life, such as the brutal misogyny of sharia law, the burkha and forced marriages.

The Archbishop and his ilk like to see themselves as compassionate but in fact they are highly  dangerous.

For in their refusal to challenge Islamism they are colluding in persecution abroad and the destruction of  the Christian faith at home. “Christmas is evil” proclaimed posters put up by Muslim radicals in the Islamic enclave of Tower Hamlets in east London. That slogan is a chilling warning of things to come unless the West stands up for the faith that built our civilisation.

and he’s right, those posters are only the opening volley from islam. they will graduate up to murdering dihhmies for sport on a regular basis soon, if you dont count the dead bodies that have piled up thus far.

Read more:


Pew Research: Britain’s Muslim Population Has Increased 74% Since 2001, From 1.65 Million to 2.87 Million…

And by far the most radicalized in Europe…

(Telegraph)– There is a remarkable statistic in today’s main Daily Telegraph leader:

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life estimates that there are 2,869,000 Muslims in Britain, an increase of 74 per cent on its previous figure of 1,647,000, which was based on the 2001 census. No demographic statistics are reliable in an era of open borders, but such an expansion is unprecedented.

Pew’s UK figure for 2010 is 2,869,000, which is equivalent to 4.6% of the population. In absolute terms, the UK has the third largest Muslim community on the continent, after Germany (4,119,000) and France (3,574,000).

The figure of 2.87 million was first published by Pew in a little-noticed press release last September, announcing a report on Muslim Networks and Movements in Western Europe. The Pew Centre, based in Washington DC, is one of the most respected demographic research bodies in the world; its methodology is scrupulous and its approach non-partisan.

Keep reading…

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