my theory on why islam is eating away at the west

29 Dec

I have a theory.

its been ruminating for a few month in my noggin.

here it is.

for decade after decade from the inception of israel as a re-consitiuted nation the game has been played in the west that there is a cycle of violence going on in the middle east.

a basic refusal, to see what actually animates the conflict

to see that in actuallity the violence is a one way street aimed at israel with defensive measures going back the other direction only becuase of offensive action by the muslims.

to para phrase will smith in men in black “dont start nuthin, wont be nothin”

the fact of the matter is PC has been going on long long before liberals and leftists foisted it on us intra nationonaly. it was being practiced internationally for many decades.

the pc allways has a habit of making the bad guy the victim and thr real victim the bad guy.

no thought has really been given in the lead up through the last 50 years as to what israel has faced becuase of islams absolute militancy and desire to destroy all that is unislamic.

so heres where I loose the athiests.

what if god decided that what israel was going through with barely any friends supporting it, and many many western nations actively hamstringing israel with the false meme of the cycle of violence and disrespect and denigration of jewish culture while excusing the arab muslim culture all its transgressions,was bullshit.

and the time had come for the west to walk a mile in israels shoes, so to speak. and so the gears turned and the evil of leftism allowed greater and greater immigration of muslims into europe and the united states,

so now we have to experience the false meme of “the cycle of violence, and the never ending grievance theatre of victim islam allways getting violent over manufactured false slights insults and injury.

we are all to soon about to see a worldwide hot war, intifida so to speak.

but it has escaped the confines of the holy land and is now going to plague our house.

becuase we would not harshly and permanently help and allow israel to destroy thier enemies once and for all so a real peace, (like we knew once the nazis were destroyed or the imperial japanese were destroyed) and true finalization of our war was accomplished.

see what im getting at? and it isnt apocolypse,

its actually light at the end of the tunnel

true recognition and a sweeping consensus which finally shames the opposition to silence and finally recognizes the actual threat islam poses and what must be done about it can then  be reached.

all things come to an end and all things come to a reconing.

so in the end we will need to deal with this menace or fall becuase we refused to allow israel to deal with the menace.

anyone want to pick that apart besides the god and cosmic justice doesnt exist crowd? and tell me where I might be going wrong?

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