England circling the drain and heres one of the culprits pushing the handle, along with all the liberals enabling him

10 Feb

Why Britain has such a high crime rate

(UK) Crime in the UK is uppermost on most peoples minds. While governments keep on informing us all that actually crime is going down, the vast majority of folks feel otherwise. Human rights groups and their ilk have for years been pushing for less people to be sent to prison and that people can be punished just as severely out of prison than in one.

However, while the liberals have for years been pushing for lesser sentences (with a lot of success I should add), the threat of court and a custodial sentence just doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of those who aspire to a life of crime. Here is the story about one such thug which highlights what I mean:

Anwar Khan
due to a drug problem was sent from England (well, so he says) to Pakistan in which to get himself sorted out. However, he was caught fighting in Afghanistan on the side of the Taliban in 1998 and jailed by the Afghans. Released by the Northern League in 2002, he returned back to the UK where his family expressed to the bBC that they were worried for his safety because they feared the British Nazis party may target him. (Get that: as per usual, Muslims can only see themselves as bloody victims.) So after his ordeal, do you think that Anwar became a law-abiding citizen? Wrong!

It seems that Anwar isn’t the victim his family made him out to be, as the very next year he was jailed (along with 2 of his brothers) for 5 years for attacking a fellow Muslim with a baseball bat simply because he was barred from a drugs den. So after this latest ordeal, do you think that Anwar became a law-abiding citizen? Wrong!

In 2008, Anwar was arrested and jailed for beating somebody up while holding onto a pump action shotgun. Remember, this was only 2 years ago, and this is on top of the addition of the rest of the former prison sentence he received in 2002 of which he only did half of it. (In the UK, as in other countries, if you are released early from prison, you get the balance added on if you return back to the nick.)

Well, it seems that jailbird Anwar is looking at getting released in the not so distant future, as it has been revealed that he was moved last month from a category-B jail – for inmates considered “dangerous” – to an open jail (one without any walls). So do you think that Anwar has seen the light? Well, the person who let the cat out of the bag also stated that:

“Prison chiefs have emailed warders “highly unusual” instructions telling them to report to police immediately in the event Khan absconds. The source also said: “No one can quite believe it. Khan’s documents at the open jail warn he is a very violent man with extremist views and could recruit while in prison.”

It seems that crime does pay in the UK.

and heres what gets thought to young muslims in schools paid for by the british, and it isnt about fitting in to england or respecting non muslims~~~~

Welcome to one of Britain’s most influential Islamic faith schools, one of at least 2,000 such schools in Britain, some full-time, others part-time. They represent a growing, parallel education system.

The school is the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham, an oversubscribed independent secondary school. Darul Ulooms are world-renowned Islamic institutions and their aim is to produce the next generation of Muslim leaders. In fact, these schools have been described as the ‘Etons of Islam’.

This school is required by its inspectors to teach tolerance and respect for other faiths. But the Channel 4 current affairs programme Dispatches filmed secretly inside it – and instead discovered that Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation.

We recorded a number of speakers giving deeply disturbing talks about Jews, Christians and atheists.

We found children as young as 11 learning that Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’.

And we came across pupils being told that the ‘disbelievers’ are ‘the worst creatures’ and that Muslims who adopt supposedly non-Muslim ways, such as shaving, dancing, listening to music and – in the case of women – removing their headscarves, would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.

In 2009 this school was praised by Government-approved inspection teams for its interfaith teachings. The report said that ‘pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect to other world religion.’

And the British are paying for this

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