apparently major hasan killed his fellow soldiers but it happened in a vaccume.

16 Feb

WSJ:Every branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood massacre. Not a single one mentioned radical Islam.



One after another they announced their findings—Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, and France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy. Multicultural values had not only led to segregated communities: They had, Mr. Cameron noted, imposed policies of blind toleration that had helped nurture radical Islam’s terrorist cells.

There can be no underestimating the in-so-many-words aspect of these renunciations. This was multiculturalism they were talking about—the unofficial established religion of the universities, the faith whose requirements have shaped every aspect of cultural, economic and political life in Western democracies for the last 50 years. Still, they were out there—words coolly specific, their target clear.

Shocking enough, and clearly the timing and conclusions the results of consultation. And then in the USA comes HASAN’s reports


In this report, titled “A Ticking Time Bomb” and put out by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, there is a detail as dazzling in its bleak way as all the glowing misrepresentations of Dr. Hasan’s skills and character, which his superiors poured into their evaluations of him. It concerns the Department of Defense’s official report on the Foot Hood killings—a study whose recital of fact made no mention of Hasan’s well-documented jihadist sympathies. Subsequent DoD memoranda portray the bloodbath—which began with Hasan shouting “Allahu Akbar!”—as a kind of undefined extremism, something on the order, perhaps, of work-place violence.

This avoidance of specifics was apparently contagious—or, more precisely, policy. In November 2010, each branch of the military issued a final report on the Fort Hood shooting. Not one mentioned the perpetrator’s ties to radical Islam. Even today, “A Ticking Time Bomb,” co-authored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I., Conn.) and Susan Collins (R., Maine), reminds us that DoD still hasn’t specifically named the threat represented by the Fort Hood attack—a signal to the entire Defense bureaucracy that the subject is taboo.

For the superiors in charge of Hasan’s training at Walter Reed and his two years at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, the taboo was of a more complicated order—one that required elaborately inventive analyses through which Hasan’s stated beliefs, ominous pronouncements, and evident unconcern with standards of behavior required of an officer could all be represented as singular virtues, proof of his exceptional value to the Army. It could not have been easy. Still, they managed.

The USA today, internally is INSTITUTIONALLY, not just blocked from stating the truth, but is INSTITUTIONALLY configured to reward the lie. Configured to push forward the naked emperors, and punish those with eyes.

Until we can ADMIT the nature of the truth WE ARE DOOMED.

How does the rewarded lie actually work?


One classmate witness told investigators that Hasan sought every possible opportunity to share his radical Islamist sympathies. His highest obligation, he told classmates, wasn’t to the Constitution, which he had sworn to protect and defend, but to his religion.

His Islamist sympathies would attract the interest of the FBI, which soon picked up on this U.S Army major’s contacts with a terrorist suspect, unnamed in the Senate report. The agency would, however, have no continuing great interest in Hasan. Among other reasons, its agents had seen the impressive evaluation reports characterizing Hasan as an authority on Islam—one whose work even had “extraordinary potential to inform national policy and military strategy,” as one of his superiors put it in his officer evaluation report.


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2 responses to “apparently major hasan killed his fellow soldiers but it happened in a vaccume.

  1. Toaster802

    February 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    They could have an attempt on Barky by someone shouting the praises of Allah, and the MSM and powers that be would twist it into a Tea party supporter. Oh, did they not just do something like that?

    If you cannot or will not identify your enemy, he has won.

    • rumcrook™

      February 16, 2011 at 9:52 pm

      Toaster802 not only is it alarming to watch the world deny and ignore the world wide rise of islam as the next global threat to western culture and specifically our democratic republic, but is also disheartening to watch the unbeleivable mental gymnastics gone through to deny a threat of islamic nature exists.


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