is it discrimination to insist your nation not be overrun by another culture?

12 Mar

England is at that door,

Muslim Immigration into the UK: Part Two

What justifies this discrimination?

Given that advocating discrimination against Muslims as Muslims leaves one slightly further outside of polite society than Grendel’s mother, we will need to spend some time here explaining exactly why we feel justified in doing so.

One can insist that any and all discrimination of the sort we advocate would constitute an evil, but one cannot thereby change Muslims into something they are not, or alter the effects their continued influxes will have on Britain and the British. And we insist that to continue to allow vast numbers of Muslims into the UK, to allow them to suck huge amounts of financial and social capital out of the British people, degrade their country, colonize their cities, and turn Britain into a ticking time bomb of mutual sectarian hatred on a scale to dwarf the Troubles, would be a far greater evil than the evil of simply keeping non-British people out of Britain when it is not in our interests for them to be allowed in. In the final analysis, Britain is either the country of the British people, or it is an arbitrary geographical container into which all the people of the world must be allowed to flow, irrespective of the consequences for the people who built the society therein. Those who consider it to be the latter should make their position clear in this regard, so that British patriots who do not wish to see their country disintegrate can react accordingly.

Of course, there will be some who argue that such measures could not be implemented, as they would infringe, in some fashion, on the rights of Muslims inside Britain, outside Britain, or both. In the long term, however, it will avail such people little to make such weak and foolish arguments. If we wish to avert the Islam-induced national implosion that lies along the path we are walking at present, we will have to disrupt the causal chains that threaten to bring this outcome about. If disrupting these chains requires us to do things that the self-appointed moral arbiters of our times decide have crossed some line in the sand that only they, in all their wisdom, can discern, then we will be forced to make a choice. On the one hand, we can choose to respect Muslims’ human rights as formulated and defined by this ‘elite,’ and watch our society descend into murderous tribal violence. On the other hand, we can insist that if the destruction of Britain as we know it is implicit in the ‘rights’ of Muslims, then those supposed rights will simply have to be disregarded, along with the entire pathological discourse that tries to force them down our throats.

Does anyone seriously believe that the British will continue, in perpetuity, to shrug their shoulders and agree to having their towns and cities colonized by Muslim peoples who are criminal and parasitic at best, and treasonous at worst? A wave of anti-Islamic feeling is sweeping Europe, a wave which is a direct, sensible, and entirely appropriate response to the characteristics of Islam and Muslims, and which can only grow taller with time if the problems this despicable religion and its adherents create are not dealt with.

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