muslims in america being urged to attack malls nightclubs and other soft targets.

30 Mar

Al-Qaeda in Yemen Urges Muslims in America to Attack Malls, Nightclubs and Army Recruiting Centers…

But Congressman Peter King is a “racist, bigot and Islamophobe” for holding hearings into this threat.

AQAP Urges US Sympathizers to Attack Malls, Nightclubs– Jawa

Question: As-Salâm ‘Alaykum. I live in the West and greatly desire hijrah to the lands of jihad such as Afghanistan or Yemen. I have the money ready and have an idea of where to go…

RESPONSE: ….. What we recommend is that you focus on planning out attacks in the West …. Similarly, the mujahidin leadership are today asking the brothers in the West specifically to attack Western interests in the West instead of coming here to Yemen for example. …

The foreign brothers that join the mujahidin, many amongst them, conclude
that it would have been better for them to return to the West and launch operations. This is because killing 10 soldiers in America for example, is much more effective than killing 100 apostates in the Yemeni military.

With that said, based on your ability, you choose the target. Your pool of targets are large, so make sure to think of all of the available options. An example of something local, easy and effective is attacking an army recruiting center, nightclub, highway or busy shopping mall.

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