senator lindsay graham is a monumental jackass

06 Apr

I would give anything to see this women wipe up the floor with lindsay “jackass” graham weasil extrordinair.

Geert Wilders’ PVV Party Announces Fitna 2 Will Be About “The Barbaric Life And Sick Mind Of Mohammed”…

Cue the rampaging Islamic mobs.

(RNW)Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is planning to make a follow up to his anti-Qur’an film Fitna. This time he will focus on the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

The controversial MP announced on Friday that his film on “the barbaric life and the sick mind of Mohammed” will come out in 2012.

Earlier this week, Mr Wilders said in weekly HP/De Tijd that he wanted a public debate on the prophet. He thinks such a debate would provide support for Muslims across the whole world who want to leave the religion. He says reading the Qur’an and looking at the life of Mohammed has made him aware that Islam is “dangerous”.

Mr Wilders believes a debate is needed, because people who want to leave Islam risk their lives. He thinks ex-Muslims are heroes who deserve support.

In HP/De Tijd he says, “It’s time we help these people by exposing Mohammed.” In the article, he suggests that Mohammed suffered from a brain tumour which made him hallucinate and that he wrote down his hallucinations down as visions.

from ace: to suggest that Americans need to be “held accountable” for the free exercise of speech? Because of the behavior of foreign primitives?

The idea that we need to institute a law against blasphemy on behalf of an aggressive, violent, alien (version of) a religion — to avoid hurting the feelings of monsters! — is insane.

What are we fighting for? Do we have to destroy the village to save it?

iowahawk found lindsays memoirs noting what he thinks about impolite behavior, heres a snippet below

I am proud and humbled that my esteemed colleagues on the Democratic side of the aisle have elected me as the U.S. Senate’s Mr. Congeniality for 12 years running. My experience has only served to underscore Miss Buelah’s perspicacity, for I have seen that convivial manners always provide a welcome lubricant to social intercourse; whether it takes place in a fraternity bunkroom, the JAG officers barracks, or the late-night well of the Senate.

Unfortunately not everyone our society is equally steeped in the fine art of discretion; take for example the recent case of the Florida clergymen who thoughtlessly lit afire the Mohemmedan holy scriptures. His inept faux pas unsurprisingly resulted in hurt feelings, an uncomfortable international incident, and several dozen decapitations. And who can blame the plaintiffs for their reactive fit of pique? In the grand antebellum days of Charleston gentlemanly duels were held over lesser insults, and thus it should come as no surprise that the Afghans would similarly be moved to unsheathe their scimitars and defend the honor of their own plantations.

As Miss Buelah often reminded me, a civil tongue is the quickest way to fellowship; and that war is no excuse for forgetting one’s manners. Unfortunately, in their understandable haste to finish the Constitution, America’s founding fathers neglected to codify this common etiquette into our common law. As many were themselves gallant sons of Old Virginny, one must in retrospect excuse them for being unable to foresee their dear First Amendment cited as a flimsy pretext for insults and blasphemies and opinions of the most ghastly kind. But in their wisdom they also provided for the constitutional amendment process, so that their heirs – such as myself – would have the means to prevent further sullying of our national and international discourse. In the coming weeks I shall be introducing a series of new bipartisan amendments to insure that our national conversation remains cordial, and that the ruffians of the commons use their spittoons. Fortunately, I keep my amendments numbered for just such an occasion.

Until such time as my legislation is enacted, the least we can do as gentlemen is to endeavor a mending of the frayed relationship now existing between ourselves and the Taliban. In this regard, I would like to apply another lesson I learned at Miss Buelah Fontaine’s academy: the gracious apology note.

The Right Reverend Ayman Al-Zawahiri
Cave 37-B, Kandahar Arms

My Dearest Reverend:

On behalf of my colleagues, please allow me to express our deepest shame at the blasphemous action of one our citizens in the incident that so rightly vexed you and other devout followers of the Prophet. Please rest assured that as a civilized nation we in no way condone or tolerate this type of behavior. Although we cannot undo the unimaginable hurt his thoughtlessness caused, we will leave no stone unturned until he has made amends. Your recommendations for a just punishment will of course be given every consideration.

In closing, I hope by putting this incident behind us, we can return to an existential conflict befitting our two great and gentlemanly peoples. I remain, as always,

Your Faithful Servant, etc.,
The Hon. Lindsey Graham of the Charleston Grahams

and here is a video of some brave iranian and afgani men behind the sharia curtain in iran burning the koran and saying the truth, that afghanistan and iran had thier countries sent backwards for 1400 years by the imposition of islam by arabs on thier nations.

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