Muslim School Shooter From Brazil, file under islam was hungry for children again.

08 Apr

About the Muslim School Shooter From Brazil and The Possible South American Jihadi Invasion

From an Anonymous commenter:

Back in the early hours after the shooting, the papers identified the gunman as 23-year-old Wellington Oliveira, who had once attended the Tasso da Silveira school in a working-class neighborhood in western Rio. The public school was in the midst of celebrating its 40th anniversary, and students’ handmade posters commemorating the day could be seen through school windows. “No motive was known, but authorities said the shooter left a rambling and mostly incoherent letter at the scene indicating he wanted to kill himself.” The letter also explained in detail how Oliveira wanted his corpse to be cared for — bathed and wrapped in a white sheet that he left in a bag in the first room where he said he would start shooting. The letter also states that the gunman should not be touched by anyone who is “impure” unless they wear gloves. “If possible I want to be buried next to my mother. A follower of God must visit my grave at least once. He must pray before my grave and ask God to forgive me for what I have done,” read the letter, portions of which were posted on the Globo television network’s website. ********** GDSoB if it didn’t turn out to be yet another f’n case of SJS – Sudden Jihad Syndrome. I hope the shooters body is impaled on a street lamp with his koran hanging from his shriveled nuts to rot while the public decimates him as they see fit.
More (googlish translation): “The shooter, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 24, sent the children to turn to the wall before killing them, said a student, Jade Ramos Araujo, 12 who was in school at the time of the attack. ‘He shouted at the children: ‘turn to the wall and I’ll kill you!’ The kids were screaming, begging: Do not kill me, no, lad! “Said the girl, adding that he would send some students to kneel before shooting. “I’ll kill you,no use running” said Wellington. According to Jade, many children [ages 11-13] were in shock, without action, and others collapsed in the face of panic. “Many people went into shock, fainted on the stairs and then he killed them. Many people fainted. He fired at the feet of others, and the children started to ask: ‘Help me, help me, do not let me die, ” said the girl. The girl said, out of fear, avoided looking for the shooter. In the corridors of school, a scene I will never forget. “It looked like a waterfall of blood, blood running like water,” she said. “There were many dead people on the stairs, more girls than boys.”
security camera footage of Tasso da Silveira, Rio de Janeiro school shooting demonstrates the coldness of the killer and the panic of students attempting to escape. An injured boy is with his hand on his shouder. Children from an adjoining room flee before gunman changes rooms. In the right corner of the video the shooter tries to run toward the stairs but was stopped by a shot in the leg, then committing suicide.
local news video with raw footage of wounded students who managed to escapeWhen the cameraman Rede Record entered the school, it was a scene of horror: Children shot while waiting for help – the gunman’s body still lying on the stairs.
Brazil has a huge arab population , as do almost all the latin American countries. Just do a search of arabic/halal/zabiha restaurants in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico etc and that’ll explain why Hussein O is fighting tooth and nail to keep our southern border open and giving American tax dollars to Brazil to fund Soros’ oil investments. Or just navigate and prepared to be alarmed latino dawah. orgOur government is not keeping the borders open for farm-hands from mexico, its for drugs and jihadies ready to create terrifying jihad to bring this country to submission. Examine how well the demographic jihad is bringing around the EU, and how ethnic cleansing of African black muslim population through murder, rape and slavery transfers oil producing lands over to Arab muslim control to fund the ever expanding global dawa movement with the ever increasing bids to build mega mosques and those nefarious “Islam, believe it or else” interfaith dialogue centers.

Roselane de Oliveira, a sister of the attacker, told Rio de Janeiro radio station Band News that the young man ‘was very strange.’

‘He had no friends, and he spent all his time on the Internet,’ she said.

In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer to Islam.

Is it a coincidence that just last week al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire Magazine #5, edited by American Samir Khan, urged those with jihad aspirations to forgo coming to Afghanistan and instead stay at home at attack soft targets such as malls?

Your pool of targets are large, so make sure to think of all of the available options. An example of something local, easy and effective is attacking an army recruiting center, nightclub, highway or busy shopping mall.


Brazil school shooter: -Four hours every day I spend reading the Koran-

Wellington Menezes de Oliveira murdered twelve children in a school in Realengo, a poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro, last Thursday.

Here is more indication that the shooting was jihad-related, rather like the attempted murders that Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar committed in North Carolina after making his own close study of the Koran.

More on this story. “Manuscritos de atirador mostram fixação por terrorismo,” from, April 10 (thanks to drcancerman, who kindly offers this translation of part of that article):

One of the shooter’s sisters told the police, in testimony, that Wellington started to go to a mosque in Rio. In his letter, he describes the conflict: “I made mistakes with my family but I changed with the Koran and they do not trust me.”

Wellington makes reference to what could be a group. He reports that he divides time between prayers and reflections about terrorism…..

“I’m outside of the group but I pray to God every day with my noon prayer, that is the recognition of God, and the other 5 are the dedication to God and four hours every day I spend reading the Koran. Not the book because it stayed with the group but parts that I’ve copied for myself. And the rest of the time I spend meditating about what I read, and sometimes meditating about September 11th.”


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