the grifter and his game of misdirection, the conning of a country

21 Apr

I was reading

Wake Up, Critics: Here’s Obama’s Grand Plan

Hint: the White House is a stepping stone.

over at pajamas media when a couple of comments struck me as to what ive suspected all along and I am not and still not a birther, what I am is a beleiver that “teh one” is a fraud

here were some of my original trumpet blasts on this theme outing obama as the fraud he is.,

Is the President’s resume accurate when it comes to his career and qualifications? I can corroborate that Obama’s “teaching career” at Chicago was, to put it kindly, a sham.


again others came along and did the heavy lifting, here it is below and the great comments lead to the real question instead of the misdirect which is the answer. all great grifters, scammers are magicians, the art of misdirection is how they prosper and how they raise the stakes and the game. obama is a master grifter and con man, who has rode his con all the way to the top. the misdirect he orchestrates even has his political enemies looking like fools for chalenging him based on where he was born, when the real question was who was he born. got that?who, not where. the who leads to how the house of cards, the scam, of what he is was created out of whole cloth and that is the real story of why he is unfit for office, he doesnt exist, he is a grifter a con man who has literally fabricated a background that never happened and doesnt exist. read on and see how the shell game really was played and where the pea really is.

49. gary gulrud

“Intellect” is not equivalent with native intelligence. Perhaps this is a problem with an idiomatic usage, but I doubt it. Intellect, as I understand the matter, is the product of achievement evidenced in many outward evidences, e.g., vocabulary.

Obama is a con-artist, a ‘wise-guy’, a priviledged street kid with no work ethic beyond gaming whatever. In 64 rounds he’s not taken a pointer on his golf swing. He spends more time watching ESPN than reading, yet cannot do better than pick number one seeds. He believes Austrians to speak “Austrian”, ‘Orion’ to be pronounced “Oh-REE-on”, on and on.

Yes, he is cunning, agile, formidably bright, a gifted, studied liar, but no intellect.


It has always seemed quite obvious that Obama has little connection to the US, other than being a long time ideological enemy of America and its Constitution of “negative rights”. Since eleceted, he has been sacrificing America to obtain his goal to be leader of a world government via a stronger more powerful UN. His foreign “policy” such as it is has been to ingratiate himself with America’s enemies, who control the UN. His domestic “policy” is to demolish the US economy. I do not think this reflects any brilliance or planning on his part. If there is one thing that we know about Obama it is that he is lazy. He watches televised sports incessantly; he shoots hoops; he golfs; he parties; he vacations. And he campaigns. It is claimed that he is so smart that he is bored with policy meetings. Actually, he usually begins with 15-30 minutes of sports chatter, and then walks out after serious discussion begins. This reflects boredom with being President, not intelligence. Since he hooked up with Ayers at Columbia, he has been groomed to become the front man for a group of like-minded ideologues and power players. He was smoothly moved up through the corrupt Chicago hierarchy and into the Senate. His run for President required a massive cover up of his background, aided and abetted by establishment media. He has a great voice; is a skilled reader of the teleprompter; and has a pathological level of self-love. He lies incessantly and obviously, and turns angry and vengeful whenever exposed or questioned. He is the quinessential over-indulged juvenile, whose guardians accepted and defended unquestioningly his spoiled behavior. His gross inadequacy as President is being revealed to one and all, and his only response is to switch from the pretense of being a uniter and problem solver, to being a vicious mean-spirited overt divider. He takes every criticism and revealed failure as an unfair personal assualt. His viscious and dishonest rhetoric is further raising the stakes in the gathering polical confrontation. And there is no end to the lengths he would could to win

next a little closer:

29. ETAB

Excellent comments by #20, Eon, about Obama’s embedded ideology within the marxist/socialist camp, and his romantic mysticism..all of which support his basic nature: he’s a clinical narcissist, a sociopathic personality. I consider Obama not an intellectual socialist but a psychological socialist. Socialism sets up Rulers over Ruled and Obama’s pathology requires him to Rule others.

That’s an interesting comment by #16 Estragon about the possibility of Obama’s dual citizenship.
I also agree with #12 Snake – if Obama’s college grades were good, with an ego like Obama, he’d be constantly referring to them. But he doesn’t. I maintain that Obama is NOT an intellectual, not knowledgeable, not brilliant…his skills are the personal manipulation of people. Period.

Obama is intellectually ignorant and shallow. He has put all his strategic skills into manipulating people. As such, I claim that Obama is totally unable to interact with reality, with hard factual data; he cannot interact on an equal basis with real people or real facts. Obama lives in a VIRTUAL REALITY, made up of words.

Whatever he ‘real’ to him. If he says that the stimulus created jobs..then, for him, that’s real. The FACT that this is untrue is for Obama, irrelevant…for that fact exists in the real world and Obama lives only in the virtual world of his own words.

Obama has no skills or knowledge other than those of misinforming people (aka lying), emotionally manipulating them using base themes of fear and hope. Oh – if you dissent, if you criticize him, Obama then flings the cause back on to you. You are the problem not him. So, he’ll tell you that you reject him/his policies..because you are ignorant, partisan, bigoted, biased…or racist. The latter accusation has been a mainstay of Obama’s tactics to repel criticism and accountability.

A key tactic of this attack-policy is that Obama divides people into adversarial groups. So, Obama promotes class warfare with his constant denigration of wealth and ‘people have enough and should give it to others (why?), he promotes ethnic groups against other ethnicities with his telling hispanics to ‘fight the enemy’, he promotes political war with his telling the GOP to ‘sit in the back of the bus’…Obama divides people into vicious adversarial groups. He thus reduces them to fighting dogs…and he feels superior and powerful.

Obama rejects work – work that has to do with studying reports, coming up with policies and programs. He leaves all of that to others. His entire work history shows this pattern: from his being editor of the Harvard Law Review where he did no editing but left it to others, to his lecturer in law where he simply followed the course outline; to his community organizer where he simply exhorted people to go out ‘and activate’, to his stint as senator where he merely voted ‘present’. Obama himself does nothing…other than manipulate and charm people.

Obama only campaigns; that’s the manipulation of people – and talks and talks and waves and cheers. He can’t handle questions, he is oblivious and indifferent to the facts. His agenda is: to control you. That makes him feel powerful. Putting someone this pathological into a presidential role increases his need to control and even..destroy individuals, destroy their freedom, their wealth, their will.

The question then emerges: are there ‘regular Democrats’ who might feel alarmed by this distortion of the Democratic ideology – and alarmed by Obama’s disdain for Congress, for the courts, for the will of the people? Are they worried that this Gang are freezing new blood out of the Democratic Party – compare with the GOP whose ranks are filled with new blood and energy.

Will they try to get Obama out – and the only place he’d go to, willingly, might be the UN…?

and finally now you know under which shell the pea was hidden:

38. jbbc


Trump is right, Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding what appears to be a criminal past.

Trump is correct, Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad… and it may not be his citizenship. (Trump would not say this if he did not know something and he has the money to get the dirt…)

As an IRS tax examiner,one of many former federal jobs, I have seen what it appears Barry Soetoro has done, mostly by illegal aliens attempting to acquire a new identity in the U.S and/or criminals looking to acquire a new ID.

Barry, AKA Obama, was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry’s name was legally changed to “Barry Soetoro”. (Barry’s own admission) Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen. (again Barry’s own admission) The adoption would be noted in Barry’s vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate…

OR Lolo Soetoro may have always been Barry’s legal birth farther. The public does not know for sure at this point who Barry’s father really was and Barry himself may not know.

Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend.

Barry’s mother dropped him as a dependent for some reason, maybe even when Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. His mother’s passport records dropped Barry as a dependent indicating Barry was no longer a legal dependent of his mothers. (The passport records of his mother have been produced showing Barry was no longer a dependent when Barry was permanently residing in Indonesia.) Barry went to Hawaii to live with his alleged grand parents after Lolo Soetoro and Barry’s mother divorced.

A “certificate of live birth” can have names changed on it including a child’s birth name, and birth parent’s names. Even a modified date of birth can be on a “certificate of live birth”. This occurs frequently for adopted children where the birth parent does not want the child to know who they are. The public has no idea who Barry’s real birth father is or who Barry’s real birth mother is. (Barry could have been adopted by his mother) The original birth certificate is the only legal vital statistics record of a person’s birth parents, birth location, birth date, etc… I can get a “certificate of live birth” for a dead person; I cannot get a birth certificate of a dead person without “Deceased” on it. (I’ve tried)

There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name “Barrack Hussein Obama”. I’m willing to bet the name “Barrack Hussein Obama” is not present on the real birth certificate as Barry’s birth name or as Barry’s birth father. I have pictures of me with my mother and Jimmy Buffet… that doesn’t make him my father even if I start using the name Jimmy Buffet.

The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York, homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.

Ask any law enforcement officer in a large city or detective and they will tell you homeless young men on drugs in large cities usually end up as male prostitutes. Barry ended up as a world traveler with a degree… (Not likely)

Barry Soetoro returned to New York from Pakistan and began using the fictitious name “Obama” for some reason. (again Barry Soetoro’s own admission) One could only suspect that a person addicted to drugs returning from Pakistan to New York, the main route for Afghan heroin into the U.S., maybe Barry had a reason to start using a new name. There are literally over 1 million open warrants on file in New York… maybe Barry is one of them?….

After spending some time in New York allegedly working under the name “Obama”, It appears Barry used the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” for the first time to file his federal taxes in Connecticut at a Post Office Box for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. (This is a felony with no statute of limitation.)

When the IRS received Barry Soetoro’s federal tax filing, the IRS could not attach the name Barrack Hussein Obama to the SSI number provided or the address provided. So the IRS assigned the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” a tax ID number for a person from Connecticut (Where Barry unlawfully filed a federal tax form using a false name). Barry Soetoro began using the tax ID number as his SSI number when using the fictitious name Barrack Obama. This is why Barry Soetoro has a Connecticut SSI number. When I worked for the IRS, I saw this occur more than once and yes, it is a felony to knowingly file a fraudulent federal tax forms. Most of the politicians that cheat on their taxes claim it was an accident. That is how they get away with their tax cheat crimes. Using a fake name is no accident.

It appears Barry fled New York to Chicago using his new identity to get a job. He likely ordered a fake diploma to bolster his new identity as “Obama”. Fake Diploma’s were very big in the 80′s and diploma mills were even being used by federal workers to get promotions. There is evidence his alleged attendance at Columbia was faked (Barry never attended Columbia) and Barry lied his way into Harvard (he had no transcripts to get in)… Including telling the Saudi royal family he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Muslim Jihad against the Russians, so they would help him get into a law school.
The Saudi’s apparently loved Barry’s story of Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan and paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”. The Saudi family has admitted to paying for Obama to attend Harvard and gave Harvard a gift of $20 million dollars. Harvard in turn made their special attendy President of the law review a person that never wrote a single law review…. I guess that is what $20 million buys at Harvard.

It is unlikely Barry was a Jihadist and was most likely a drug mule if anything, maybe even a CIA street hire to haul Afghan heroin back to New York, so the Afghans could buy U.S. made stinger missiles with U.S. dollars to shoot down Russian helicopters?… I hired people over seas to do work below my pay grade all the time, even foreign nationals… I think this is the story Barry told the Saudi’s, but he was most likely really just a drug mule/dealer and probably still wanted on an outstanding warrant in New York.

Barry’s selective service registration is not normal either…

After I looked at Barry’s selective service filing I noticed it was most likely fraudulent too based on the name he used. Barry did not start using the name “Obama” until he returned from Pakistan (long after he flunked out of school in California) His selective service record (maintained in Chicago coincidentally) shows he registered at a Hawaiian post office as “Obama” in Sept 1980… Problem, Barry was getting high in California at Occidental in Sept 1980 (Barry’s own admission) and was not using the fictitious name “Obama” at that time. Barry began using the fictitious name “Obama” only after he returned from Pakistan. The selective service filing is fraudulent.

Barry returned to Chicago and attend a semi-christian radical black church with his first female love Michelle. Barry admits keeping in touch with Phil Boener, who traveled to New York from Occidental to be with Barry and was most likely Barry’s first love.

Barry still could not get a real job, because he was still a fraud, even with his Harvard degree in hand he could lie and take the Bar exam, but he could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without a back ground investigation and he would never pass one. So, Michelle got Barry a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion. He wrote lost of memos according to the law firm where Barry worked. (I think they know Barry is a fraud and don’t want to be sued by previous clients) Barry rescinded his law licenses, so as not to be disbarred for fraud. The Bar knows Barry lied on his application. Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayor’s office.

With time on his hands Barry, a well spoken black man, was able to get elected to a state office, oddly because he looked for fraud in his opponents voter registrations and got his opponent disqualified from running. Barry a well versed liar was a natural in state politics. He used his political influence to get himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school. Barry embellished this position as a “professor of law” which everyone knows is completely false. Barry was not a professor or even a specialist at anything but lying.

On a whim Barry ran for United States Senate for the State of Illinois. Politicians do this all the time to make a name for themselves even if they can’t win. At the time the Republican Ryan was a shoe in for the Senate seat, so no real Democrat contenders entered the race, but Barry did. On a fluke after the primary Ryan’s wife Jeri Ryan (Seven of nine from Star Trek) went public that her husband was making her have sex with other people while he watched. Ryan dropped out and Alan Keys moved from Maryland to run against Barry Soetoro.

The election got all kinds of press because there were no blacks in the U.S. Senate and one of these black men was going to be a Senator. Alan Keys did his best to warn everyone Barry was not who he claimed to be, but the public saw him as a carpet bagger. Barry kept the lie going and presented himself as a clean black man that talked like a white man… Illinois elected Barry to U.S. Senate. The Democrats had already began scrubbing Barry’s back ground when Ryan dropped out.

Phi,l Barry’s boy friend from Occidental, was found working in California as a communications specialist (receptionist) for a dental hygienist school and given a diploma from Columbia and cover story. The rest of Barry’s drug friends were all given jobs or money by the Democrat machine to keep quiet.
Because Barry was such a news maker as the only Black in the Senate, and he could speak like a white man he was made key speaker for the Democrat convention. Barry then decided to run for President to keep the lie going. No one thought to question Barry’s back ground in the Democrt party… They helped cover up the ugly back ground. The only person jumping up and down warning Barry was not who he claimed to be was Alan Keys and he was discarded as just an angry loser.

Now we have a complete fraud sitting in the Office of the President. Clearly the most corrupt, inexperienced, and ignorant President in the history of the United States who’s only quality is that he can lie with a straight face.

Barry Soetoro is as much of a fraud as Bernie Madoff and his house of cards will soon fall down.

March 31, 2011

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