and so the march towards trying to dismantle israel begins, with barry at the lead

22 May

zero knew what he did, he knows how it will go over, and he wouldnt change a thing. he wanted to start the severing of ties between our nations, and he wants israel to end up alone beleagured and under attack.

and the moment they defend themselves he will find a way to make them the bad guys and allow the un to try and neuter israel, then he thinks the dismantling of israel can begin

got that? obama is an “anti imperialist” he hates western culture and looks at israel as a foreign entity in the midst of the poor brown people just trying to live the dream of ethnically cleansing da joooos from the land muslims stole when they, the muslim hordes rode in and slaughtered anyone who didnt bow down to their demon god baal, who is now sporting the moniker allah.

to re-capp zero sees it as his mission to destroy the power of the west and to help in the final solution to the western outpost called israel.

and yes I said it.

what barry cant fathom is the wrongness of his leftist lunacy. and so he doesnt realize that other people have plans too,
like not getting herded to their doom.

israel will not lay down and die. that is barries miscalculation

goblins on parade….. and becuase there’s only 50+ muslim nations we should give these barbarians one more by disecting our friend and ally israel, good going barry you crapweasil,   sorry president crapweasil
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