not just most or nearly all, but every one, every single rape in oslo norway were committed by muslims

31 May

from ace of spades

Shocker: Every Rape in Oslo, Norway in Past 5 Years Was By Non-Western Foreigners
Man those youths of unknown ethnicity sure love the rapin’:

In Oslo all sexual assaults involving rape in the past year has been committed by males of non-western background this was the conclusion of a police report published today. This means that every single rape assault in the last five years, where the rapist could be identified, he was a man of foreign origin.

And complete coincidentally Oslo is about 7.5% muslim.

885fb0013f171b804df2544b06ba_grande.jpgare ya gettin the message libtards?  all cultures are not the same. some are bad and produce evil. all things are not relative. now go polish your tghey “coexist bumper sticker….. 


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