the goblins of islam on the march destroying lives roundup

20 Jun

Pakistan: Christian Families Forced To Flee Homes After 8-Year-Old Boy Refuses To Convert To Islam, Accused Of Blasphemy…

Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence in the Islamic world.

Lahore — Ten Christian families were forced to flee from Chak 68, Arifwala, in Khanewal district, for fear of the consequences of an accusation of blasphemy. A Christian boy of eight years, Ihtesham, nicknamed “Sunny” went to buy ice in a market, and was surrounded and harassed by students of a madrassa, an Islamic religious school. They asked him to recite verses from the Koran, those every Muslim reads the so-called “Kalma”, in short the statement that “there is no God but Allah. . . .” They asked him to renounce his religion and convert to Islam.

An uncle of Sunny, Dildar Masih, seeing that his nephew was in trouble, because of the students, intervened. Sunny explained to him that they were bullying him to renounce his religion. Dildar addressed the boys, he rebuked them and told Sunny to go home. The boys told of the incident to the religious leaders at the madrasas. The latter announced that Dildar Masih had committed blasphemy, making fun of Koranic verses, and the loudspeaker of the madrasa urged all to punish the blasphemer, to set an example. A crowd gathered around Dildar where he was working and attacked him. After the incident, ten families fled from the village.

Father Rufin John, from Khanewal, told AsiaNews: “This is a common


Pakistani Taliban Strap Suicide Vest To Nine-Year-Old Girl, Sent To Blow Up Police Checkpoint…

Evil personified.

(VOA News) — In the Lower Dir tribal area, police Monday said they have detained a 9-year-old girl who was wearing a suicide vest and told to blow up a security checkpoint.

The young girl told reporters at a news conference that she was abducted from the northwestern city of Peshawar on Saturday. She said her captors strapped the bomb on her and dropped her off at the checkpoint near Timergarah, the main town in Lower Dir. Police say the girl was wearing eight kilograms of explosives when she was taken into custody.

Authorities are trying to confirm the girl’s story and search for her captors.

Suicide bombings carried out by young girls or women are extremely rare in Pakistan.


Nigerian Taliban Open Fire On Crowd For Playing Cards, Two Killed…

Allah is pleased.

KANO, Nigeria (AFP) — Suspected members of a radical Islamist sect which bombed Nigerian police headquarters on Sunday opened fire on a crowd of card players killing two in a northern city, a senior military officer said.

Two motorcycle-riding gunmen suspected of being members of Boko Haram pumped shots into a crowd of people playing cards outside a house in the city of Maiduguri and disappeared into alleyways, said the officer who did not want to be named.

“The group of men were playing cards under a tree outside a house when two men on a motorcycle believed to be Boko Haram members opened fire on them, killing two people and seriously injuring five others,” the officer told AFP.

“The attack is a typical Boko Haram (shoot-and-run) style,” the military officer said.

Boko Haram claimed Nigeria’s first suicide bombing last week which killed several people at the police headquarters in the capital Abuja.


Pakistan: Christian community shocked after killings continue

A week ago 7o Muslims accused of murdering several Christians (some of them were burned alive) in Gojra were freed. But violence continues:

“Churches are trying to give them solace with daily prayers for peace,” Father Diego added.

More than 30 people have been murdered in the last three days in target killings. Eight political workers from rival parties were killed yesterday as gunshots echoed in different areas around the city. Armed men occupied several buildings while others looted a few.

Saima Mushtaq, a Caritas field worker, said she had to find alternative routes several times yesterday to pick up her son and take him home after tuition class.


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