roundup of islams offerings to the world

27 Jun

Egypt: Hundreds Of Salafi Muslims Surround Church, Threaten To Kill Priest Trapped Inside…

Philippines: Muslim Militants Bomb Catholic Church, Two Killed..

Taliban Hand Bomb To 8-Year-Old Girl, Detonate It As She Walks Towards Police Checkpoint…

Muslims Torch 8 Christian Homes in Latest Egyptian Violence

last but not least from eye on the world….

Nigerian Muslims set off bomb, murder 25

(Maiduguri) Nigerian Muslims, offended by how Christians were drinking and enjoying themselves at a Beer garden, decided that Allah was offended. So they lobbed a few bombs and fired a few rounds into the happy revelers, murdering 25 and injuring dozens more.No longer happy with being miserable bastards themselves, Nigerian Muslims, like Muslims the world over, go out of their way in which to ensure that nobody but nobody can have fun when they are around. Quite literally, Muslims are like death at a party.update: the parade of murder and murderous intent never stops from islam, hers more for the round up…

Jesus said, “Brother will deliver up brother to death,and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death; and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 10:21-22)

Muslim Father Vows To Kill Son: ‘I will rather kill him and face the firing squad (death sentence), than live to see my son not worshipping Allah.’

Honor killing. It’s not just a girl thing. Stand against this monstrous religiously mandated murder. Demand the condemnation of the world.

Father Vows To Kill Son Over Religious Disagreement Modern Ghana (hat tip Jim)

Justice pic

Photo of the son: Justice Asare

‘I will rather kill him and face the firing squad (death sentence), than live to see my son not worshipping Allah.’

A disagreement between a couple at Morso in the Asante Akim District of the Ashanti Region, over which religion their son should belong to, has sparked trouble and imperiled the life of the youngman, with the enraged Muslim father threatening to kill the son if he continues to be a Christian.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that the man, Kwasi Amoah, converted to Islam when the son, Justice, was but a toddler; and the former subsequently took up the name Issah.

The marriage between the Muslim man and Lydia Dufie, his Christian wife, was advisedly dissolved long ago, with Mr Amoah on the heels of the young fellow whom he threatened to eliminate if he does not take up Islam also.

Given the persistence of his father to carry out the threat, the youngman has taken cover in a yet-to-be identified location with the knowledge of his acquiescing mother, DAILY GUIDE sources revealed.

Though the Police have cautioned him to desist from the unlawful act, the father does not appear anywhere near abandoning his threat.

Issah, as Kwasi Amoah is now known, was arrested and detained a few months ago for attempting to stab the son whom he accused of adopting the religion of his mother.

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