because muslims dont play well with others, now there’s a new nation

10 Jul

It’s Official! The New Nation of South Sudan

(Juba, South Sudan) The Republic of South Sudan formally declared its independence from the north today and joined the world as a new nation. Dozens of heads of state gathered at a massive ceremony in the new capital of Juba along with marching soldiers and jubilant citizens singing and cheering.

Letters recognizing the Republic of South Sudan as a new nation have been flowing in from the international community.


 “Enmity and hatred will reign between us until ye believe in Allah alone.”
– The Qur’an (60:4)

Muslims can not get along with their neighbors. Instead, they like to kill their neighbors, if their neighbors are any variety of “Infidel”, be it gay, apostate, adulterer, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Animist, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever.

A partial list of “nations” created because Muslims could not get along with non-Muslims would include:

Mindanao (ARMM Region)

A tremendous essay from our friend the Anti-Jihadist:

South Sudan’s hopeful creation as a new nation is a glorious moment, as well as a sobering one. We should remember as to why South Sudan’s existence became necessary in the first place. We must remind the world over and over that the birth of South Sudan as a independent state was long required precisely because Muslims cannot long live amicably with followers of other belief systems.  As Islamic scripture teaches quite explicitly, and as Muslim repeatedly tell themselves, devout Muslims cannot treat the unbelievers with anything approaching equality.

South Sudan’s secession from Sudan is in many way a mirror image of another ‘secession’ that took place over 60 years ago. In the waning days of the British Empire, British India was to be divided into two countries, a Muslim one and a Hindu one, and India was to be cleaved forever into those two parts. The pain and agony of the partitioning process aside (hundreds of thousands are estimated to have died in the resulting forced migrations, associated pogroms, and resettlement), how should history judge the British decision to partition India?

While the larger Hindu India has found a modicum of political stability, has enjoyed decades of economic success, and exports its vibrant culture via its booming film industry worldwide, its Muslim counterpart Pakistan flirts with failed-nation status.

Pakistan is in fact a nightmare of state-sponsored jihadist terrorism inside and outside of its borders. Except for a tiny elite, the country only offers unimaginable squalor and poverty for its people. It has featured a string of unbelievably incompetent and corrupt governments that have exported Islamic terrorism to distant continents, as far as the UK and the USA. Pakistan harbors the world’s top terrorists who are allowed to live inside its borders with impunity, free to continue conspiring and plotting mass murder. Pakistan has launched three wars of aggression in its blood-soaked history, all against India, all of which Pakistan lost. Pakistan builds nuclear weapons and nuclear-capable missiles, which it sells the technology for to any and all comers, no questions asked. Pakistan sucks up gifts such as weapons and supplies, intelligence data from the US, and especially financial aid packages from the rest of the world, and either squirrels the money away into various numbered accounts, or passes along as loot to jihad terrorists and other enemies of the Free World. Barbarous shariah laws viciously run riot and leave an ever-growing pile of broken and dead bodies in its wake. Pakistan’s police and military murder journalists who question how and why such a horrid state of affairs has come to pass. And on and on.

Over sixty years of ignominious history has not been kind to the decision to create Pakistan. Pakistan itself is a bleeding sore in South Asia, and its continued existence is a shame if not an ongoing crime against humanity. If the past 64 years have proven anything, they prove that, quite unlike South Sudan, Pakistan does not deserve sovereignty, nor does it deserve to be treated as a member of the family of nations.

Given these incontrovertible facts, may I humbly suggest that Pakistan no longer be referred to as “Pakistan”, the so-called ‘Land of the Pure”. Merely mentioning the name is, in a way, tacitly accepting its existence, which right-thinking people everywhere should instantly reject. So, from this point onwards, let us call that place by a more culturally and historically correct name: “Muslim-occupied India”.

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