being a leftist means breaking a few innocent eggs for the utopian common good

10 Jul

Obama White House Used “Fast and Furious” to Give Mexican Drug Cartels Guns They Wanted to Ban in the US


Guns Obama wanted banned in the US were given to Mexican drug cartels.

LI – In the Spring of 2009, the Obama administration called for the banning of “assault rifles” and .50 BMG “sniper rifles” due to their use in crimes by Mexican drug cartels.  Obama dubiously alleged that 90% of these weapons  were tracked back to the United States, implying that Americans have an obligation to surrender some of our freedoms to keep these weapons from being smuggled illegally over the border and used in Mexican-on-Mexican violence in Mexico.  In this vintage clip, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre discusses Obama’s proposals with Glen Beck.

Obama backed off these proposals a month later, noting that such a ban would not be politically feasible at this time.

In Fall of 2009, the Obama Administration conceived Operation Fast and Furious, in which the ATF sold thousands of advanced weapons to Mexican drug cartels in order to track them once they were used in crimes.  This policy perfectly dovetailed with Obama’s gun control arguments.  First of all, by selling guns to the cartels that the ATF could definitely trace back to the US (because they were bought from the ATF), the percentage of guns used in Mexican crimes traceable to American guns would increase.  ATF supervisors rejoiced at their success when they found that these guns were being used for violence in Mexico.

when its for the greater utopian leftard good, no amount of deaths is too many deaths.

notice the the leftard government political hacks were cheering when it caused violence and deaths in mexico?

anyone else see the unbelievable smug hypocrisy of the left, cheering the deaths of innocent mexicans at the hands of drug cartel thugs wielding atf supplied guns because it furthers thier agenda
while at the same time leftards piously preach that we of the patriotic “ilk” partied at bin ladens death, how unseamly they said, he was a human too, they said.

how morally stunted we are, we who rejoiced in the death of an evil goblin of a man who murdered thousands and if left to live would have gone on to murder thousands more.

but the agenda of the leftists is advanced on the deaths of countless INNOCENTS got that? INNOCENTS! and they rejoiced.

that is the difference between left and right. they have rejected judeo christian values and so are rudderless except for thier ambitions and leftist agendas.

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