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13 Jul

Unruly passenger caused a flight from Chicago to Germany to be diverted to Cleveland:, well it turns out the ‘unruly passenger’ is an Arab: Saleh Alramakh of Akron

video news of muslim tied up on floor of cabin and being perpwalked in court

From Will at The Other News:

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The unruly passenger that caused a plane to have an emergency landing at Hopkins is expected to appear in municipal court Tuesday.The incident happened Friday on a United Flight from Chicago to Frankfort. 

The FBI has charged the man, identified as 21-year-old Saleh Alramakh of Akron, with seven counts of aggravated menacing — which is a misdemeanor. So far, no Federal charges. He remains in jail.

On Friday, a flight attendant pushing the beverage cart says Alramakh started yelling and swearing. He also made several trips to the bathroom, and stayed inside for long periods of time. Flight attendants considered taping the bathroom door shut so he couldn’t go back inside.In the end, passengers tied Alramakh up and taped his mouth with duct tape.

“Kind of just ran up to me and grabbed me, literally, by the shirt and said you need to come with me now,” said passenger Joseph Shulfer.

“And I ran back there to see that there were basically three guys wrestling on top of the guy who I later learned had been inside the restroom for, like, 20, 30 minutes and he wouldn’t come out. So we duct taped his mouth shut. He was able to get that off himself and almost choked by swallowing the duct tape. 

Hmmmm………ATA’s Castelveter said. “If any passenger is interfering with the duties of the flight crew member, it’s a federal crime.”Why were there federal charges laid?

Read and see (Video) the full story here.HT: BNI.

Dry Runs Continue, But Does Anybody Care?

Another jihadist probe on an American airline flight last week. (“A hijacking dry run?”) It’s awfully interesting how different these stories are when they’re reported by the potential victims of the jihadist, instead of by the media, the airlines, or law enforcement authorities.

This event also bears similarities to the probe on Northwest Flight 243, reported on here at length last August. Michelle Malkin gives her take on it below.

What Happened on AA Flight 1561

Self-defense is the only remedy for
Sudden Jihad Syndrome

If you listen to the passengers and crew who flew on American Airlines Flight 1561 last weekend, there’s no doubt about what happened on their harrowing trip:

A Yemeni man, shrieking “Allahu akbar!” at the top of his lungs more than 30 times, rushed the cockpit door twice intending to take down the plane and kill everyone on board.

The clammy, sweaty lone male passenger exhibited classic symptoms of what Middle East scholar and author Daniel Pipes has dubbed “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” — a seemingly random outbreak of threatening behavior or violence by a hysterical Muslim adherent who had not previously exhibited signs of Islamic radicalization. It took at least four men to tackle and restrain Rageh Ahmed Mohammed al-Murisi. “There was no question in everybody’s mind that he was going to do something,” passenger Angelina Marty told the San Francisco Chronicle.

And no, that “something” did not mean enlisting his fellow flyers in a midair flash-mob performance of the “Hallelujah Chorus.”

Not everyone was so grounded in reality. Bleeding-heart sympathizers seriously speculated that al-Murisi had simply mistaken clearly marked lavatory doors for the clearly marked cockpit door (because, you know, it’s normal to shout “God is great” repeatedly just before relieving yourself as your plane is about to land). Some federal authorities and media whitewashers proclaimed that al-Murisi’s motives were “unknown.”

If only al-Murisi had been screaming phrases from the Constitution. The Selective Motive Determination Machine — the same one that rushed to pin the Tucson massacre on the Tea Party, the GOP, and Fox News without a shred of evidence — would have kicked into full gear.

On Wednesday, a San Francisco judge denied al-Murisi bail. Unburdened by the paralyzing prissiness of political correctness, federal prosecutors noted that “Allahu akbar” was the same refrain invoked by the 9/11 hijackers over Shanksville, Pa., and by the would-be Christmas Day bomber over Detroit. Not to mention Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hasan; the Frankfurt, Germany, jihadist who killed two U.S. airmen on a bus in March; the young Portland, Ore., Christmas-tree-lighting bomb plotter; every last suicide bomber across Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East; and every last evil al-Qaeda beheader broadcast on video over the past decade.

So how, despite a massive transportation and homeland-security apparatus, did al-Murisi get into this country and get on a plane? He had no keys, no luggage, $47 cash, two curious posted checks totaling $13,000, and a trove of expired and current state IDs from New York and California — where relatives said he had not notified them that he was coming. He is young, male, brought no family with him, had no job or other discernible income, and hails from the terror-coddling nation of Yemen.

Yes, the same Yemen that is Osama bin Laden’s ancestral home, harbors al-Qaeda operatives who are burning the “torch of jihad,” and is deemed a “special interest country” whose citizens warrant increased scrutiny by DHS when they cross the border illegally.

As I reported last month, a federal watchdog revealed that TSA’s counterterrorism specialists failed to detect 16 separate jihad operatives who moved through target airports “on at least 23 different occasions.” Neutered by Islamophobia-phobia and an “overtime over security” mentality, our State Department consular offices’ and airline security bureaucracy’s stance toward the al-Murisis slipping through their snaking lines is:

Nothing to see here; move along.

At least the heroes of Flight 1561 who refused to sit silent learned the proper 9/11 lesson. “I swore to myself that I would never be a victim” after the 2001 attacks, passenger Larry Wright, one of the men who brought al-Murisi down, told reporters earlier this week. The only effective homeland security begins and ends with a culture of self-defense. Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no “see no jihad, hear no jihad, speak no jihad” delusionists on airplanes with Allahu akbar–chanting flyers beating down doors.

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