the moral inversion of leftists it is an evil unto itself

30 Aug

Lockerbie bomber ‘should be left to die in peace’

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi in 2009 Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was expected to die within months of his release in 2009

Many people believe Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi should now be left to die in peace, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has said.

Mr Salmond said it was time to lay to rest the “ridiculous” conspiracy theory he was not dying of prostate cancer.

Megrahi’s family has told a CNN TV crew at his home in Tripoli he is close to death and falling in and out of a coma.

Mr Salmond also said he had never considered seeking his extradition, and speculation otherwise was “misguided”.

CNN said Megrahi appeared to be “at death’s door” and was in the care of his family.

Extradition calls

“The opinion of many, many people is that it might be time as far as Mr Megrahi is concerned to draw a line under that part of the Lockerbie issue and perhaps allow this man now to die in peace,” Mr Salmond said.


got that?! this guy is directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent people and this leftist politician thinks he should be afforded the pleasure of “dying in peace!”  why its vulger and unseemly to want this piece of filth, this goblin wearing a human skin to pay for his terror right to the end.

liberal logic and liberal morals are evil.

here’s another leftard scum and he’s justifying terror like what was done to  the fogel family or the hatuel family

Jerusalem Post Writer Larry Derfner Fired for Justifying Palestinian Terror

Update on this post. Derfner is so far left he has fallen off the scale.

The Post’s in-house radical leftist opinion writer, Larry Derfner, was fired today for actually justifying Palestinian terrorism against innocent Israeli citizens as a means of “resistance.” The invaluable Israel Matzav found a piece by Isi Leibler in a rival paper, Israel Hayom, that deserves wide exposure. Derfner, who writes on his blog, “I was fired from the Jerusalem Post today,” is well on his way to becoming a martyr on the anti-Israel feverswamp blogs and soon, no doubt, may even have an elementary school named after him in Gaza or Ramallah.Leibler’s piece is essential reading:[ Continue reading]

Good on Jerusalem Post, dissenting views is not a problem but to come right out and justify killing of innocent Israelis by terrorists goes off the chart.

Related, Google cache of Derfner’s post that lead to his firing.

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