when islam gets hungry it eats innocent people

02 Sep
Pastor G.C Shawari, a senior pastor with the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC)

For those who know Pastor G.C Shawari, a senior pastor with the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) on Haliru Street, Kwararafa in Jos North local government Area, of Plateau State, he was a personification of peace. He had devoted all his sermons in a religious crisis-riddled state to preaching religious tolerance among different religions and ethnic groups.

But, on Monday, Pastor Shawari and his son became victims of “highly intolerant” hoodlums in Jos, during a bloody clash between supposed Christians and Muslims that claimed over 23 lives. They were butchered to death by some Muslim religious fanatics, who gained entry into their home within the church premises. But, the pastor’s wife escaped, even as the church building was also vandalised.
The bereaved assistant Pastor of the church, Emmanuel Adetula Oludare, who escaped death with machete wounds on his head, described the killing of Shawa and his son as horrific.

“On the fateful day, Pastor was at home with his family members, when at about 1pm, some Muslim youths, on their way back from Eid-El-Fitr prayers, forced the gate of the church open and picked quarrel with the pastor,” Emmanuel said. “There was nobody they could call for assistance and, within a twinkle of an eye, the youths emptied about three cans of petrol on the building, the church and vehicles within the compound before setting them ablaze.”

He said that the people inside the church ran for their dear lives even as smoke rose high around the premises.
No security men came to the rescue of the pastor and his family even though members of the security outfit named STF were said to be very close to the scene of the incident.

islam when its hungry watch out it always eats human souls. and it uses its goblins wearing human faces to do it.

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