“Human Rights Have No Place in Islam” there is no room for freedom of speech and thought in Islam, and Islam is based on strictness and violence.—Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi

05 Sep

“Human Rights Have No Place in Islam”

Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi is a religious advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. His theological ideas have been influential in the formation of Iranian state policy.

The following article about Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi originally appeared on the Iranian dissident news site Rooz Online . Many thanks to Shabnam Assadollahi for the translation:

The article below is very eye-opening about the Human Rights violations of the Islamic Republic of Iran…

Mesbah-Yazdi: “No place for Human Rights, democracy or citizenship in Islam”


Press release

Ayatollah Mohammad Mesbah-Yazdi
Mesbah-Yazdi, the theoretician of violence, gave a new speech at the end of Ramadan (end of August) in which he criticized the opinion of those people who claim Islam is based on generosity and respect for Human Rights.

In this speech he said: “Democracy, Human Rights and the rights of citizenship have no place in Islam.” He continued that there is no room for freedom of speech and thought in Islam, and that Islam is based on strictness and violence. Muslims and those who convert to the religion of Islam must only adhere to the opinions of the leader of the Islamic Republic, according to Mesbah. He continued: “Until a person has converted to Islam, he is free — but democracy and Human Rights have no meaning within Islam. Everything must be under the surveillance of the government, even the way people dress. And if some people say otherwise, they don’t know Islam.”

I think its great when high profile muslims tell the unadulterated truth, it makes it harder for libtard watercarriers to pretend islam is a “religion of peace”

or the other one that makes me laugh, islamic sharia is compatible with western law. now contrast what this guy said with some of the latest news articles trying to soft sell islam to americans, and news of obama trying to help stifle criticism of islam in the west.

NY Times: America Should Embrace Sharia Law…

Because Sharia has been such an overwhelming force for good . . . no, wait?

Obama Administration Teams Up With Saudi-Based OIC To Combat “Islamophobia” By Implementing U.N. Resolution Against Defamation Of Islam…

Scary stuff.

(National Review) — An unprecedented collaboration between the Obama administration and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC, formerly called the Organization of the Islamic Conference) to combat “Islamophobia” may soon result in the delegitimization of freedom of expression as a human right.

The administration is taking the lead in an international effort to “implement” a U.N. resolution against religious “stereotyping,” specifically as applied to Islam. To be sure, it argues that the effort should not result in free-speech curbs. However, its partners in the collaboration, the 56 member states of the OIC, have no such qualms. Many of them police private speech through Islamic blasphemy laws and the OIC has long worked to see such codes applied universally. Under Muslim pressure, Western Europe now has laws against religious hate speech that serve as proxies for Islamic blasphemy codes.

Last March, U.S. diplomats maneuvered the adoption of Resolution 16/18 within the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC). Non-binding, this resolution, inter alia, expresses concern about religious “stereotyping” and “negative profiling” but does not limit free speech. It was intended to — and did — replace the OIC’s decidedly dangerous resolution against “defamation of religions,” which protected religious institutions instead of individual freedoms.

But thanks to a puzzling U.S. diplomatic initiative that was unveiled in July, Resolution 16/18 is poised to become a springboard for a greatly reinvigorated international effort to criminalize speech against Islam, the very thing it was designed to quash.

Citing a need to “move to implementation” of Resolution 16/18, the Obama administration has inexplicably decided to launch a major international effort against Islamophobia in partnership with the Saudi-based OIC. This is being voluntarily assumed at American expense, outside the U.N. framework, and is not required by the resolution itself.

Keep reading…

and how does all this manifest itself on a daily basis down where the boots are on the ground? the real world in which people have to live near muslims who have become the majority or are a large minority?

this is how ~~~~~~

Nigeria: Christian Family Of 8 Hacked To Death By Muslim Attackers…

And here’s the headline Reuters went with:

JOS, Nigeria (Reuters) — Muslim youths hacked a Christian family of eight to death in Nigeria’s volatile Plateau state on Sunday, local officials said, continuing a week of violence that has pitted gangs from the two faiths against each other and civilians.

Two Christian men were seriously injured by young Muslim men this month in Karachi when they refused to convert to Islam, a family member told Compass.Liaqat Munawar, a resident of Essa Nagri in Karachi, told Compass by telephone that his brother, Ishfaq Munawar, and another young Christian man, Naeem Masih, were returning home after an early morning prayer service at their church in Sohrab Goth on Aug. 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day, when ethnic Pashtun youths near Sea View harassed and later attacked them.

“Ishfaq and Naeem were riding a motorcycle when six Pashtun youths signaled them to stop,” Liaqat Munawar said. “They asked the two boys to identify themselves. Ishfaq told them that they were Christians returning from their church after a special prayer service.”

The Muslims asked them why they were in Sea View, and they replied that they had made a brief stopover to participate in Independence Day celebrations at the beach, he said.

“The Pashtun youths then started questioning them about their faith and later tried to force them to recite the Kalma [Islamic conversion creed] and become Muslims, telling them that this was the only way they could live peacefully in the city,” Liaqat Munawar said. “They also offered monetary incentives and ‘protection’ to Ishfaq and Naeem, but the two refused to renounce Christianity.”

After cajoling the two Christians for some time, the Pashtuns sat in a white car parked nearby and eventually drove away. Ishfaq Munawar and Masih got back onto their motorcycle and were about to start it, Liaqat Munawar said, when suddenly the young Muslims reversed their car and rammed it into the Christians.

“The Muslims got out of the car armed with iron rods and attacked Ishfaq and Naeem, shouting that they should either recite the Kalma or be prepared to die,” Liaqat Munawar said.

He said the Pashtuns severely beat the two Christians, fracturing Ishfaq Munawar’s jaw and breaking five teeth, and seriously injuring Masih. He added that the two Christians fell unconscious, and the young Muslim men left assuming they had killed them.

and when not killing infidels, they cant seem to rmember the reigion of peace meme even when dealing with their fellow co-religionists

Danish mosque shooter seeks asylum in Sweden

(Malmo) On the last day of Ramadan, a gun fight transpired outside a mosque in Copenhagen between two Islamic groups, where a Pakistani man was shot dead. Well, it seems the main culprit for the act did a runner across the water to Sweden (linked by a bridge) where he was arrested by the local police at the request of the Danish police.

But get this, the Swedish police are refusing to hand the wanted man back to Denmark because he claims that he fears his life would be at risk if he is sent back to Copenhagen. Now the Danes have to knock out an international extradition warrant which can take up to 8 weeks, plus the fact that the gunman will be allowed up to 3 weeks in which to appeal. Which I suppose he will do after 20 days have gone by.

That isn’t the full story. It transpires that the victim, was himself jailed for 3 years in 2004 for the stabbing of an American exchange student in Denmark. His fondness for knives saw him pull a knife yet again outside the mosque. Unfortunately for him, his so called victim pulled a gun, which is why the victim was shot 20 times.

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