all this for a flag?

14 Sep

yes you america hating fools all this for a flag. symbols have meaning they anchor our nation and our culture the symbols of our nation and our culture do deserve respect, pomp and ceremony love and allegiance becuase of what they stand for. freedom and liberty and the men and women of our national family who have given all through our history in the struggle against the enemies of our nation.

you two leftist scum are of a mindset and a belief system so alien to most americans that many of good will still find it hard to beleive you really are who you are, america haters who have bought into the notion that to be nationalistic and to beleive that the United States IS exceptional is silly and without merit. once in a while your masks slip and your disdain for all that is america shows, this is one such instance. collectively these instances over the last two years show you both for the derelict human debris that you really are.

yes all this for a flag you two takers, grifters, feckless scum, believers in your own moral superiority without merit, typical morally empty  leftist destroyers you dont produce you take and destroy. youve never worked hard or created wealth or sacrificed for others once in your pathetic lives. of course you dont understand why this reverence is being given the flag.

below is a video of michele obama shaking her head in disdain after asking the narcissist in chief if this cerimony was all “just for a flag” barry’s smug condescending response is in  the afirmative. the video is from someone called god like productions who cought this slip of the mask


perm link to the video

you tube of the video

maybe michele needs another tax payer funded vacation, her pride in us is slipping again…


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4 responses to “all this for a flag?

  1. Rose

    September 14, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    They have no shame. This footage should be used in 2012 commercials. I hate this woman so. She’s a disgrace. May they both get what they deserve.

  2. Rose

    September 16, 2011 at 2:10 am

    I can’t stop watching this. I can’t stop watching it on any site. I think she IS saying “All that for a *fucking* flag.” And then they’re both so smug. I just can’t believe it!

    He didn’t deserve to stand next to Cpl. Meyer today. And then he leaves the kid standing there and starts shaking hands! Nobody wanted to shake his greasy palm. They wanted to honor Cpl. Meyer. I’m sure the lot of them were ticked that BO was even in the room.

    And Moochelle was heard uttering under her breath: “All that for a white boy Corporal?”

  3. rumcrook™

    September 16, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    rose, whats sad is the sheer volume of petty gaffes and heavy handed slights against what they consider political and cultural opponents in life, if this was an isolated incident a case could be made that it wasnt what we think it is. but even in the last day or two there has come to light a story that the only marine in congress, who has served in iraq and afghanistan was initially told the room was full and he could not attend the CMO cerimony for cpl. Meyer.

    the congressman is a republican, just another petty slight. they eventually backpedaled, but it is obvious that they are petty and hateful and wanted to keep him out just becuase he’s a republican.

    I could list a hundred stories of petty hatefulness from these grifters.

  4. Rose

    September 16, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Please, just the crap they said during the primaries was so utterly disgraceful that I was sure it was the end of them. ?????

    America bent over backward to prove Americans weren’t racist? I just can’t figure his win?

    Watching them trash our country has been a nightmare. I can’t wait to see what history says of these two, what these two say when they get booted out on their asses? Gonna be interesting.


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