obama campaign posters & paraphenalia for 2012

15 Sep

Show the world you care about our President! AttackWatch armbands* now available!

Turn in 10 friends and you’ll receive this brown armband:

Armbandbrown.jpgTurn in 50 friends, and you’ll be rewarded with this beautiful red armband:

Armbandred.jpgIf you act now and turn in 100 friends, you’ll receive this special edition black armband:

Armbandblack.jpgBe a part of history. Let NO ONE question your patriotism.

attachwatchyouth.jpg*Also available in youth sizes

Image from Zombie.


from the peoples cube

and some from last election that dont get old


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One response to “obama campaign posters & paraphenalia for 2012

  1. Rose

    September 16, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Ahahahahaha! Very funny stuff! Cowbell:)


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