cultural enrichment roundup

19 Sep

or, the ulternate title, “islam what have you done for me lately”

well here is what its been up to lately…

here’s islam enriching sweden,

Converts must die: imam to Swedish radio

The  16 September 2011
By Peter Vinthagen Simpson

Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges Radio (SR) has been reported for hate speech after featuring a programme in which a Somali imam called for all converts from Islam to be killed.The programme in question was a panel discussion and was broadcast live by SR International’s Somali service.

The police report was filed by Erik Johansson, at the Swedish Evangelical Mission (Evangeliska Fosterlands-Stiftelsen – EFS), after friends told him of the imam’s words underlining every Muslim’s responsibility to kill anyone who leaves Islam.

heres islam enriching england——-

2 British Women get punched and raped for saying “no” to muslim men

lets jet off around the globe and see what islam has been up to shall we?

Syrian Anti-Regime Cleric: “Tear Christians Into Pieces And Feed Them To The Dogs…

and in sunny somalia

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Beheads Christian Convert For Leaving Islam…


Maldives: Vacation Island Nation Criminalizes Preaching Any Religion Except Islam…


Pakistani Islamists Burn Women With Acid For Not Wearing Hijabs…

Immigrants Demand Removal of Cross from Swiss Flag…


A former African slave, freed by a Christian organization, displays the
brand applied by his Muslim owner in the Islamic Republic of Sudan.

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