all religion is the same huh?

02 Oct

theirs not much difference between them? christians can be just as bad as muslim?

ok, show me the example of christian pastors whipping their flock into a frenzy and then they pour out of the church to loot attack and destroy non christian homes and businesses. show me just one news article. just one.

f-n retard liberals trying to make moral equivelancy between fundementalist christians and muslims make me ill when I read news like this.

Egypt: Mob of 3,000 Islamists Attack Coptic Church, Destroy Christian Homes…

The fruits of the “Arab Spring.”

CAIRO, Egypt, September 30 (CDN) — A group of hard-line Muslims attacked a church building in Upper Egypt this afternoon, torching the structure and then looting and burning nearby Christian-owned homes and businesses.

The 3,000-strong mob of hard-line and Salafi Muslims gutted the Mar Gerges Church in the Elmarenab village of Aswan, then demolished much of its remains, multiple witnesses at the scene said. The mob also razed four homes near the church and two businesses, all Christian-owned. Looting was also reported.

Michael Ramzy, a villager in Elmarenab, said the attack started shortly after Muslims held their afternoon prayers.

“Imams in more than 20 mosques called for crowds to gather and destroy the church and demolish the houses of the Copts and loot their properties,” Ramzy told local media.

The Mar Gerges burning is the third church in Egypt in seven months to be burned down by a mob. Additionally, numerous other churches have been looted or otherwise attacked this year, including a New Year’s Eve bombing at the Two Saints Church in Alexandria that left 23 dead and scores critically wounded.

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