obama says he understands the wall street protestors, I say of course he does, he is leading the charge to destroy this country, he is in league with these destructive academics

07 Oct

Video: Frances Fox Piven And Fellow Professors Indoctrinating Students To Engage In Violent Street Battles, Break Capitalism Down…

Classy: New Orleans Occupiers Shout “Kill The Cops!”…

Cop killing, how progressive.

and this commentor at weasil zippers has the right idea, since when are we allowing people to foment the colapse and the destruction of our nation through violence?

conservative colinsays:

I am filing a complaint against her with the US Atty’s office

US Attorney
David B. Fein
157 Church Street
23rd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510


Dear Mr. Fein,

Please let this correspondence serve as my formal Submission of Complaint against Frances Fox Piven for advocating rebellion in violation of Article One- Section Nine of the U.S. Constitution. Please see the following link:

While am extremely familiar with the tenet of free speech as articulated in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, I am similarly familiar with the U.S. Constitution’s contemplation of rebellion as articulated in Article One – Section Nine. Moreover, rebellion is considered such a grievous offense in our civil society that during times of rebellion the government may, in fact, suspend habeas corpus itself, and along with invasion and ensuring the public’s safety it is the only time that the government asserts such a right.

Furthermore, our society only allows for consented change which takes place through legislative means and fundamental change only through Article Five of the U.S. Constitution; advocating violent change to our society is clearly criminal.

Finally, your oath to protect me from domestic enemies clearly compels action.

someone better stop these treasonous turds before we have civil war.

the rest of us who work within the system are getting tired of seing these leftist goons inside and outside the government destroying the very foundations of our country. and we silent ones, the ones who work every day, we are the ones with the guns. remember that socialist scumbags

and in this video you can see the “protestors” (socialist traitors) shouting 4..3..2..1.. then attacking the police who then need to defend themselves.  all so they can get pictures of police hitting protestors no doubt.

from jawa

Update: Alec Baldwin on #OccupyWallstreet: “This type of activism = good!”:

alecbaldwin occupywallstreet activity good.jpgRelated:
Occupy Wall Street: Wallywood
Roseanne Barr: “We Can’t Let Children See The Guilty Get Away With Murder So We Should Behead All Rich People Who Fail In Re-Education Camps”

one group is filled with marxists and dirty useful idiots who soil everything they touch, bent on destroying this nation and has already attacked police officers, but thats democracy in action?!!!!

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan (Daily Mail)

and the other (the tea party) has worked in the system and left clean environs where ever it has been, to make its self heard and only wants to save our nation from the collapse and ruin it sees obama and team marxist perpatrating…

yeah, its all the same……

White House Spokesman Calls the Tea Party a Mob

House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in the briefing today.“I sense a little hypocrisy unbound here–what we’re seeing on the streets of New York is a an expression of democracy,” Cantor said. “I think I remember how Mr. cantor described protests of the tea party–I can’t understand how one man’s mob is another man’s democracy.”

hey carney you peace of shit the wall street protestors want to topple our nation and its system without going through our election process to try to make thier changes! that makes them a mob you talking tool! your a fuckwad carney! and if you think your boss can control these scumbags to his benefit you will find your sadly mistaken. some day we will try you like baghdad bob carney. your days are numbered as a free man. a prison cell awaits you.

A man stands next to chalk graffiti which says “Burn this bank” outside a Bank of America branch during a “Make Wall Street Banks Pay” protest march in Los Angeles, California October 6, 2011. Los Angeles Police said they arrested eleven people for trespassing at the branch. (Reuters)

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