pushing chaos, if obama wanted to bring america to its knees would he do anything different?

11 Oct

how do like the sound of rolling blackouts? not being able to heat or cool your home and the situation is artificially created?

According to Hot Air, the Institute for Energy Research has reported that as soon as January of 2012, EPA regulations tightly restricting coal-fired electric generating plants will almost instantly obliterate 28 gigawatts of America’s electric capacity, or 8.9% of our total. The authors of the report call it “very conservative,” and note that the estimates of others of a loss of up to 80 GW—app. 25% of our total capacity—is possible. In a democracy no president would allow this to happen. Losing even 5% of our capacity would be a catastrophe. Imposed upon us by a foreign power, it would surely be considered an act of war, yet Mr. Obama embraces it, fulfilling his pre-election promise to bankrupt the American coal industry.

and how do you like paying 100% more per gallon of gas becuase of the obama and the leftists desire to squeeze and choke off domestic production? or how do you like the idea of obama sending thousands of illegal rifles into mexico to drug gangs to build a straw man reason to restrict gun rights here in the U.S.

yeah, would he be doing anything different if he were a marxist?

and we have the seeds of social chaos being winked and nodded too by the administration

Front Page Mag:

Woefully Unprepared for EMP Attack
Posted by Kenneth R. Timmerman

Whenever the left-wing media wants to conjure up an image of Republican failure and incompetence, they point to Hurricane Katrina​ and the days it took the Federal Emergency Management Agency​ (FEMA) to respond in any effective manner.

Forget for the moment the fact that President Bush and his team were hampered in their efforts to provide emergency assistance by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Bianco (both Democrats), and the fact that New Orleans actually had plans to evacuate the city in the event of a major hurricane that Nagin failed to implement.

Katrina was an afternoon thunderstorm compared to what could hit the United States in the near future.

After three days of table-top exercises last week in and around Washington, DC to simulate the impact of a major solar event or a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, officials and experts concluded that our nation is woefully unprepared to handle the aftermath of such an event. And unlike a major hurricane, our nation’s leaders would have just minutes of warning before it occurred, making evacuation of vulnerable populations impossible.

As I explained in last week’s column, experts have been warning for some time that a major geomagnetic event or a nuclear EMP attack would mean “TEOTWAWKI” – The End Of The World As We Know It.

But the table-top exercises conducted last week under the auspices of National Defense University and the state of Maryland’s Emergency Management Agency, provided dramatic new evidence of our nation’s woeful lack of awareness and preparedness for handling the aftermath of such an event.

“This is the potential catastrophic incident,” said Michael Fisher, the head of Maryland’s Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). “It’s not a snow storm, it’s not a rain event, it’s not a building that had some bricks fall off when the earth shook. This is a potential catastrophic event that will change life as we know it.”

Fisher cited the panic that gripped the city of Baltimore over the summer during the mild earthquake that hit Virginia, several hundred miles to the south. To counter the hysteria, MEMA used Twitter, Facebook, radio, and television to calm the population, and things gradually returned to normal.

But in the event of a major geomagnetic event or an EMP attack that takes down the power grid, none of those means of communicating with the public will be available.

“After a few days, not only are folks going to begin to take matters into their own hands, but the depth and breadth of our first responders – that system is going to fail, also,” he said.

In other words, there will be no going back to the way things were before. The snow will not melt, the sun won’t come out, the flood waters won’t recede, and help will not be on the way. Americans will be on their own, just as during the days of the Wild West.

but hey nothing to worry about right?

other countries around the globe have found themselves in bad straights. and here during hurricanes and floods, riots we have experienced dangerous times. I dont usually blog on personal safety and preparedness but I thought I would throw some ideas out there.

here are some ideas speaking from experience to protect yourself and your family during any coming storm whether its political or a hurricane. like I said,I dont usually stray into advice in the arena of protection and security even though I am well versed in and competent in the arena.


cz75 extremely high value good price point rugged eats up any brand of 9mm including cheap eastern european or russian fodder without failing. possible to buy a pistol that would sell new around 700 dollars used surplus for well under 350

another excellent holy shit im in trouble handgun is the taurus judge, if someone pulls the door of your car open this is good up close and personal helper, it fires colt 45 or better .410 shotgunshells loaded with 00 buck. great for vaporizing bad guy mellon.

for long gun protection their are 3 good choices

870 pump 12g shotgun with a magazine tube extension and a short deer slayer barel you have a great home defense gun and through personal experience I can tell you that when a bad guy in your home hears you rack the action on a 12 gauge pump shotgun it will put the fear of god into them and turn them into a track star.

ar-15 rifle

ak-47 rifle

to get a little stock pile of ammo on a budget

here you go two great suppliers~~~

7.62x39mm 122 Grain FMJ Ulyanovsk (Uly) – 640 Rounds in Sealed Tin – Surplus Ammo

9mm Ammo In Stock – 115 gr FMJ – 9mm Ammunition by Tula Cartridge Works For Sale – 1000 Rounds

for keeping some power on in the dark on a limited budget these chinese generators are quite and ive found them to be pretty reliable. keep an extra spark plug around in case it fouls out. you can get these at O’Reilly auto parts or pep boys at a pretty good price too.

Product Image

and remember you have to eat.

its going to be winter soon, and a few 5 gallon pails of kerosene and a heater will get you through a few weeks without heat. home depot carries both.


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7 responses to “pushing chaos, if obama wanted to bring america to its knees would he do anything different?

  1. midnight rider

    October 23, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    October 23, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dude, the CZ75 is an awesome pistol. I love mine. Endorsed by none other than Jeff Cooper. At many good gun shows one can be had new for well under $700. It may be a bit big/heavy for regular daily CCW for some, myself included. But if/when tshtf concealed may no longer be your biggest concecn and this would be a fine one to have on your hip.

    I don’t care for the Judge but that’s just me. I much prefer a Ruger Sp101 which you can load either mild with 38 spec or 38 +p or crank it up to full house .357. Just remember to hang on if you do. It is currently my ergular daily ccw (it or a Glock 26) for fall/winter.

    Summer is a Sig 230 or S&W J frame.

    House gun is a Springer 1911 milspec kept handy (or the CZ), Remington 870 20 guage with # 4 buckshot. Bedside is a S&W J-frame 36-1 w/ 3 inch barrel.

    Bring on the goblins Zombies and dumbasses.

    Why don’t you crosspost this at IBA?

  2. rumcrook™

    October 24, 2011 at 4:24 am

    I took care of the other stuff for you and deleted them.

    I suppose I could cross post it over there, wasnt sure it would be an on topic post for that venue.

    I love my sp 101 too, its what goes in the back pocket of my jeans when im comin and going from the shop in the city or lockin up the work truck late in the evening. it is a true work horse tool for the toolbox

    as for the judge, you have to take the judge as what it is, an up close and personal last ditch point blank shooter. and I think its well suited for most people with little to no fire arms experience. I wouldnt really recomend most people get a semi auto pistol if they dont have any experience and dont plan on getting that experience. I think a revolver is the better option for the buy it and forget it till the “rainy day” crowd

    I picked up my CZ for less than 350 but ive seen some at the link I posted from robertson trade for 290-300 which is so dirt cheap for a class “A” combat 9mm that if I had any money to blow I would already have 2 or 3. the cheks have my admiration as world class gunmakers after handling a few of their firearms.

    the cz-82 is also a great pistol and it can be had from j&g for about 200 bucks. I prefer the 82 in 9mm makarov over the 380 version.

    the best part of looking at these surplus arms is you get a world class gun for the same price as some of the junkier knew ones from other companies. my experience is they have mostly holster wear and probably less than a few hundred training and qualifying rounds run through them which is great becuase it means just enough bullets have been run through them to break them in and mate the parts without wearing them out.

  3. midnight rider

    October 24, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Ooo, the cz82 is a wonderful small(ish) pistol. I actually have the CZ 83 in 380.

    For the 9mak round I have 2. A Baikal (commercial) Russian made Mak. Absolutely a terrific gun and dirt cheap, even “new”. for as new as Maks can be. The German and original Russian ones are the best but cost a bit more. The Baikal, which they stopped importing in 95 or so, can be had for well under $250 at shows. Cheap, ammo is cheap, and the gun will stand up to pretty hard punishment as long as you keep the rust away (try a product called Corrosion X). I love the Mak & the Mak round.

    The other Mak round gun I have is a Polish P-64 which was actually a gift from my mom & grandmother one Christmas. To look at it you would think it was a PPK clone. Only it seems much more reliable, is chambered for the 9×18 Mak and is as sturdy as a regular Mak but much smaller and slimmer. When I’m wearing a suit, that’s the gun that is under it. When you can find them these guns go for UNDER $200 largely unfired.

    But neither of them should be for an occassional shooter. They have a stout recoil and take some practice to hold on target.

    My only complaint with both is that dang thin front blade sight. Takes some getting used to to pick up in a hurry.

    And the only other complaint is with the P-64. In it’s original config double action is a true finger breaking business. But Wolff Springs in Pennsylvania sells replacemet hammer springs for it that make it much more user friendly. Just don’t get the lightest one or your mag will fall out.

    I have about 2 dozen guns, mostly handguns. And have traded away another dozen or so.

    Of all the semi-autos I’ve owned these two & the Sig 230 are the only ones where I’ve never had a problem firing, ejecting or chambering/cycling.

  4. midnight rider

    October 24, 2011 at 6:51 am

    By the way, you’re correct about revolvers for the rainy day crowd. Although if it’s a small J-frame I would counsel otherwise. Those take practice.

    As for the Judge that’s just a personal thing. I’ve not heard anything bad about them, I just don’t care for them. But for home or vehicle defense absolutely a good choice.

    Another option if you want a shotgun/45 Colt crossbreed are the Bond Arms derringers. But those are absolutely not for the occassional shooter. Up close and personal they are devastating.

  5. rumcrook™

    October 24, 2011 at 6:54 am

    I just put some nice wood grips on my baikal makarov, ive never had a failure to feed with that gun it also is one of my favorites, the guys who made my grips are F-n awsome at custom wood grips for these surplus/eastern european guns, heres the addy, the Marschalko’s are in budapest hungary

  6. midnight rider

    October 25, 2011 at 5:12 am

    Yep, I’m familiar with the Marschal’s website. Good looking grips. Never handled any, though. That’s going to have to wait until we get this employment situation straightened out.


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