for years we had to listen to leftists complain that we on the right were questioning their patriotism which rarely if ever happened and now they do it on a daily basis.

16 Oct

Democrats – Supporting The Terrorist Enemy Is Patriotism, Opposing Obama’s “Jobs Bill” Is Treasonous

That is really what the comments of Rep. Linda Sanchez and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. amount to, since they praised (and joined) those who expressed opposition to efforts to stop terrorism during the Bush years, but now impugn those who take a dissenting view on one of President Obama’s domestic policy proposals.

Here’s Sanchez, commenting on conservatives and Republicans who don’t back Obama’s “jobs bill”.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA):“These are not patriots, people who love this country want to see jobs created.”Ed Schultz, host: “They don’t love this country?”

Sanchez: “No, I don’t think they love this country. They’re not concerned about the economic well being of the country as a whole.”

Notice – dissent isn’t patriotic here. Failure to fall in line with the 44th President of the United States on a matter of domestic policy constitutes a failure to be patriotic and a lack of sufficient love of country. Mind you, this is a woman who made a career of opposing the 43rd President of the United States on foreign policy and military policy matters – regularly siding with America’s enemies while American troops were on the field of battle fighting them. Who the hell is she to pass judgment on any American’s patriotism?

And then there is Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who has actually declared opposition to Obama’s proposal to be akin to armed rebellion against the United States and then advocates for President Obama to ignore the Constitution in order to implement policies that Congress will not approve.

finish at rhymes with right…..

picture is worth a thousand words: A member of the Occupy Wall St movement walks over a US flag in Zuccotti Park

Obama-Endorsed Occupy Denver Protesters: “Hang and Shoot” Bush Administration

Obama-Endorsed Occupy Portland Goons Sing “F*ck the USA” (Video)

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