fantasy celebutard views of islam vs every day reality of what islam means and how its practiced in the islamic world

27 Oct

typically liberals always have an unrealistic fantasy view of other peoples religions how they are practiced and what the religion means

Jay Leno’s Wife: “The Koran Is More Liberal With Women Than The Bible”…

Which Koran is she reading?

(Examiner) — At the 26th annual Dallas Women’s Foundation’s luncheon, Mavis Leno, wife of talk show’s comedian Jay Leno, shared with the audience accounts about her journey into activism to help empower Afghani women and girls under the Taliban regime.

“Global Women’s Voices: A Dialogue” was carried on by CNN Muslim journalist, Maria Ibrahimji, who together with Leno discussed how local voices can make positive change globally. The voices of local Dallas/Fort Worth Muslim women were heard during the event, when Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation was acknowledged for its local efforts in building bridges among communities.

Leno’s story started in the late nineties when she joined Feminist Majority Foundation, an organization for women’s equality, non-violence, economic development and empowerment of women and girls in all sectors of society. Leno was shocked to learn about the deteriorating status of Afghani women, who prior to the Taliban included women as elected officials in Kabul. . . .

When asked about the role of Islam in the status of women in Afghanistan, Leno confirmed that “the Quran is more liberal with women than the Bible.” She added that Prophet Mohammad was married to a wealthy and powerful woman, implying that Islam has nothing against empowering women; on the contrary it is a religion that supports women’s rights. Culture, on the other hand, affects the interpretation of religious texts which results in assaulting women’s rights.

and here is the reality on the ground around the muslim world, this is reality, below are everyday examples of how women live as second class human beings. in the west for religious christian women, life is one of free will and individual rights.

Pakistani girl killed by fiance for refusal to abandon her education

According to the available statistics, around 800 girls schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been destroyed by militants opposed to female education since 2007

Honor Trial in Canada  (FrontPage Magazine)
‘May the Devil s**t on their graves’ says a charming father, after killing his daughters for not being Islamic enough.

‘Even if They Beat Their Women’  (MRC)
Ezra Levant on how Canada is aiding Islam’s war on girls and women.

Rape as a Tool of Conversion to Islam  (New American)
It’s open season on Christian women for devout members of the Religion of Peace in Pakistan.

Taliban Cleric Orders Behead-ings, Bombings of Girls Schools

Woman Set on Fire by Husband and In-Laws…

Cleric: ‘I Never Said Women Can Talk to Men Before Marriage’…

Sydney Court Told Murder Was an Honor Killing…

Tunisia’s Secular Women Fear Rise of Islamism  (Reuters)
An interesting window into the social changes for women taking place in what used to be the model example of a secular Muslim state.

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