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30 Oct

Early snowstorm hits US East Coast killing three people

More than 2.7 million people have lost their electricity supply from Maryland to Massachusetts – some residents have been warned they may be without power for several days.

I posted this info just a few weeks ago and a stark example of how important this advise is has reared up. if your a single person, well, you can play fast and loose with this warning, but if you have a family to protect, read on.

hurricanes and floods, riots we have experienced dangerous times. I dont usually blog on personal safety and preparedness but I thought I would throw some ideas out there.

here are some ideas speaking from experience to protect yourself and your family during any coming storm whether its political or a hurricane. like I said,I dont usually stray into advice in the arena of protection and security even though I am well versed in and competent in the arena.


cz75 extremely high value good price point rugged eats up any brand of 9mm including cheap eastern european or russian fodder without failing. possible to buy a pistol that would sell new around 700 dollars used surplus for well under 350

another excellent holy shit im in trouble handgun is the taurus judge, if someone pulls the door of your car open this is good up close and personal helper, it fires colt 45 or better .410 shotgunshells loaded with 00 buck. great for vaporizing bad guy mellon.

for long gun protection their are 3 good choices

870 pump 12g shotgun with a magazine tube extension and a short deer slayer barel you have a great home defense gun and through personal experience I can tell you that when a bad guy in your home hears you rack the action on a 12 gauge pump shotgun it will put the fear of god into them and turn them into a track star.

ar-15 rifle

ak-47 rifle

to get a little stock pile of ammo on a budget

here you go two great suppliers~~~

7.62x39mm 122 Grain FMJ Ulyanovsk (Uly) – 640 Rounds in Sealed Tin – Surplus Ammo

9mm Ammo In Stock – 115 gr FMJ – 9mm Ammunition by Tula Cartridge Works For Sale – 1000 Rounds

for keeping some power on in the dark on a limited budget these chinese generators are quite and ive found them to be pretty reliable. keep an extra spark plug around in case it fouls out. you can get these at O’Reilly auto parts or pep boys at a pretty good price too.

Product Image

and remember you have to eat.

its going to be winter soon, and a few 5 gallon pails of kerosene and a heater will get you through a few weeks without heat. home depot carries both.

the powers out for millions of people…..   ….I bet they wish they had read this post a few weeks ago and took my advise and bought a kerosene heater and a few 5 gallon cans along with some food to get them by a week or more with no power and heat…..

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One response to “being prepared for the worst, tips links and advice, repost

  1. Rose

    October 31, 2011 at 4:40 am

    This is all really great advice, rumcrook. I liked it the first time around and really admire you and MR. And don’t you know that I’m telling myself that I need to start a garden next year and start canning food, stocking candles and sterno and matches, cause it is always great to be prepared for whatever, … but this stuff costs money. That’s the only problem.


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