holders rock and a hard place.

20 Dec

“After Fast and Furious, I have no choice but to know that they will lie.” Darrell Issa on Mexico’s Univision Sunday show with Jorge Ramos.


JR: Jorge Ramos

CDI: Congressman Darrell Issa

JR: Congressman Issa, thank you so much for talking to us.

CDI: Well, thank you, Jorge, for covering this important issue.

JR: Well, let me ask you about Fast and Furious – this past weekend at a congressional hearing, you told the Attorney General that he was to blame for the operation Fast and Furious, and you – and I’m quoting – you said, “that the operation Fast and Furious must go to your desk.” Do you think that Attorney General Holder should resign?

CDI: I think it’s critical, Jorge, that the Attorney General either expeditiously fix this problem, regain the confidence of our partners in Mexico and hold those people who directly did this accountable, or he needs to go and allow somebody else to clean house.

JR: Now, as you know, President Barack Obama told me in an interview that he was not aware nor did he authorize Fast and Furious, and he also told me that the Attorney General didn’t know anything about it. Do you believe President Obama, though?

CDI: Of course, I believe President Obama would believe that, and it may be true, but there’s the whole point. Either you knew and you didn’t act, or you were basically incompetent for not acting and still not acting even ‘til today. And that’s the important thing about Attorney General Holder – here we are, a year, one year today after Brian Terry was gunned down, long after this project led 2,000 weapons go south of the border, and nobody has been held accountable by this Attorney General.

JR: Now, during the interview with President Barack Obama on March 22, he, of course, told me that he had no information whatsoever about Fast and Furious. You have subpoenaed all communication between the Department of Justice and the White House in reference to that interview. Why is that relevant?

CDI: Well, there’s a very limited amount of information we’ve gotten relating to communication with the White House. It was just two individuals. Generally, under our system, we do not have access to communication directly to and from the President, but we basically believe that the President didn’t know about this specific operation. Instead, the President now knows about it, knows that Attorney General Holder has not fixed and cleaned up this operation. Even more so, it is very possible that today we’re still being misled as to the DEA’s involvement in money laundering and their communication with their partners in Mexico. All of these things beg the question of when is the President going to lose confidence in the Attorney General and the Department of Justice.

finish at sipsey street

“here we are, a year, one year today after Brian Terry was gunned down, long after this project led 2,000 weapons go south of the border, and nobody has been held accountable by this Attorney General.

and there you have it. holder hasnt held anybody responsible becuase he cant. he cant because the plan originated with him and the whitehouse and if he held those lackeys who carried out the mission to account it would spell the beginning of the end, the crack in the wall. no one who participated in this and carried out the orders they recieved from holder and crew will take kindly to being thrown to the wolves for carrying holders water. they wont throw themselves on their swords for dear leader either.

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