muslims are colonizers not immigrants

27 Jan

Sunny Islam, a ‘strict Muslim’, raped women at knifepoint to ‘punish them for being on the streets at night’

(London) Today 23-year-old Sunny Islam was detained indefinitely by the British government because of his unusual penchant for raping members of the opposite sex at knife point in which to punish them for walking outside the comfort and safety of their homes without a male escort. Yes, people, welcome to London 2012 where so called peaceful Muslims have no problem enforcing Sharia law in a secular country on non-Muslims.

Islam, who comes from a strict Islamic family, who informed the jury he was a practising Muslim, was convicted of seven charges of rape, one of sexual assault and one of kidnap. His mother, in religious dress, sat with her covered head bowed throughout and wept as her son was jailed for a minimum of 11 years.

It will be really interesting to see how these peaceful Muslims will interact with the millions of non-Muslims who will be walking around the very same area of London later on in the year when the 2012 Olympics kick off.

from Gates of Vienna Driving the Danes Out of the Area

Cultural Enrichment News
We’ve posted several times in the past about Vollsmose, a culturally enriched neighborhood of Odense on the Island of Funen in Denmark. A de-facto sharia regime exists in Vollsmose. Neighborhood “youths” harass ethnic Danes and burn cars owned by non-Muslims. Local gangs have been known to shoot at the police.

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated a report on the latest chapter in the ethnic cleansing of the Danes from Vollsmose. In this case, the enrichers’ weapon of choice is burglary, used specifically to target “persons of Danish background” who live in the area.

The translator includes this note:

Pay attention to the Officer in Charge. He is absolutely clueless (or pretending to be?), and his last comment is quite appalling. We are talking about ethnic cleansing here, and he just want to investigate it like any other case.

No wonder the officer who speaks up here wants remain anonymous.

The translated article from yesterday’s B.T.

Police officer: They want the Danes out of the area.

Danes suffer burglary smear campaign in Vollsmose

If your surname is ‘Hansen’ or ‘Nielsen’, and if you live in the Vollsmose neighborhood in Odense, your risk of becoming a victim of a burglary is significantly larger than if you had had a more foreign-sounding surname.

A true intruder smear campaign against ethnic Danes has spread in the troubled district during recent months.

“There is a kind of racism happening out there, where we find that more and more Danes are being chased out of the neighborhood. We have seen a sharp increase in burglaries in the area. Approximately 150 the last four months alone. What is special, though, is that nine out of ten burglaries are directed against ethnic Danes,” a cop at Funen Police explains. He do not want to reveal his identity, out of fear of losing his job. His name is known by the editors of this article. The officer believes that someone is trying to drive the remaining ethnic Danes out of the area.

“Several of the young offenders explicitly said that they want Vollsmose for themselves. Last year we had contact with a Danish family who reported many incidents. The result of the reports: The family’s apartment was vandalized on a weekly basis until they finally gave up and moved out of the area.. Additionally, many of these burglaries resemble real vandalism. It seems like it is a kind of revenge.”

The officer criticizes the authorities’ lack of real handling of the problem. He believes that they are trying to cover up the developments simply because they are controversial.

“Everyone knows it, and it is now an open standing joke among us colleagues (in the police) that when we hear about a burglary, then it’s probably against ethnic Danes. And, unfortunately, we are right almost every time. Why they shut down the discussion I do not know, but I guess it is because it is politically sensitive stuff.”


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