islamic atrocities and “contributions” lalapalooza roundup

06 Feb

Islamonausea  (Right Side News)
“Aversion to Islam doesn’t come from unfamiliarity with the religion; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.” An Apostate Sings the West’s Praises  (American Thinker)
As Ibn Warraq explains in his book, “the Muslim world responds to criticism not with reform, but with repression” while the Judeo-Christian world supports free inquiry. Italy’s Mosque Wars  (Stonegate)
Sicilians are beginning to rethink a second Muslim occupation. Fatwa Follies  (Daily Pioneer)
‘When Can I Sleep with My Third Wife’s 10-Year-Old Daughter’ and other burning questions answered by the Doeband fatwa factory. Cultural Jihad via Censorship  (Big Hollywood)
The mayor of New York says that it’s wrong to watch a movie that he hasn’t seen himself. Meanwhile, “CAIR, a designated Muslim interest group with ties to terror financing, is now telling the NYPD how it should go about fighting terror.” Islam, Honor, Murder  (Toronto Sun)
Honor killing are “a product of the gender power imbalance intrinsic to Islam” Muslim Brotherhood Smear Job on ‘Third Jihad’  (Pajamas Media)
When did Muslim sensitivities start having precedence over public safety? Media Whitewashing Muslim Violence  (Boston Herald)
Don’t the Shafia girls deserve to have the truth told about their murder? Domestic Jihad Victims Deserve Purple Heart  (FrontPage)
Why are U.S. soldiers denied service recognition when they are killed and wounded on American soil by the same enemy fighting overseas? The Story of Taraneh Mousavi  (Family Security Matters)
The world needs to know what Iran is doing to its own people. CAIR Cries ‘Wolf’  (World Net Daily)
Once again, CAIR’s biggest threat turns out to be reality. Gloom for Gays  (The Economist)
Homosexuals in Muslim countries have a lot more to worry about than simple disapproval. Poised to Take Denmark  (Pravda)
About 40% of benefits in Denmark are paid to Muslim immigrants, the group least willing to reciprocate. The Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood  (Think-Israel)
An African-American writer examines the unwillingness of the Palestinians to engage in moral growth. Islam Looming Over the Dutch  (Pravda)
Islamists are beginning to flex their political muscle in the Netherlands. Breaking Silence over Hama Atrocities  (al-Jazeera)
About three times as many Muslims lost their lives to a Syrian dictator in just 27 days as there were Palestinians killed in the first 50 years of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Of course, that’s not the way al-Jazeera puts it – but it does set the scene. Muslim Firsters and Israel Firsters  (Daniel Greenfield)
“After decades of the Muslim Firster agenda, we are under siege. There is hardly a nation in the free world that isn’t scrambling to study Israeli anti-terrorism techniques, because they are all becoming Israel.” Documenting Palestinian Criminality  (Jerusalem Post)
The glorification of terror “beg the question of whether genuine peace process was ever intended.” The Mullah’s History of Assassination  (FrontPage Magazine)
Iran may be crying foul over the killing of a nuclear scientist, but there is none better when it comes to orchestrating foreign assassination. Bethlehem Christians Face Extinction  (Jewish Tribune)
After control of Bethlehem was ceded to the Palestinians in 1995, the once Christian town has been steadily purged of its original inhabitants. Normalizing the Kingston Honor Killings  (FrontPage Magazine)
The media in Canada makes a heroic effort to portray the Shafia honor killings as anything other than what the really are. Murdering Islam’s Critics  (Answering Muslims)
The measure of a man is revealed by what he does when he has power. NYPD Caves to CAIR  (FrontPage Magazine)
Why is the ruling class in New York favoring terror-linked Muslims over Muslims fighting terror? Jimmy Carter Does it Again  (Jerusalem Post)
Just when you think he can’t possibly make a bigger jackass out of himself, America’s worst ex-president comes through in the clutch. The Muslim Next Door  (FrontPage Magazine)
If Muslims put half as much effort into reform as they do propaganda, then they might not find the latter so necessary. YouTube Goes Halal?  (British Freedom Party)
YouTube censors Geert Wilders’ Fitna – even as it claims to champion free speech. Shia Genital Mutilation  (IPS News)
Imagine the uproar if it were Christian groups who were into curbing a woman’s sexual pleasure with a knife.

Africans are rounded up in Libya on the basis of skin color.
The new regime, which champions Islamic law, had
been trying to get ‘Doctors without Borders’ to keep
torture victims alive long enough to extract confessions.

Six UK Muslims Charged with Exploiting 14-Year-Old Girl…
British Hate Cleric: ‘No Idea’ Stu-dents Planned to Kill and Maim
Islamic Scholar: ‘The Jew is a Satan in Human Form’…
Iran’s Parliament Urges Attack on Israel…
Three Woman Slain over ‘Loose Morals’…
Teacher Beats Christian Boy with Rod for Not Saying Muslim Prayer
Acid Attack Victim Pressured to Drop Charges…
Former Ambassador to France Tortured to Death by New Libya…
Muslims Called on to Delete Accounts on ‘Blasphemous’ Facebook…
Saudi Security Accused of Sexually Assaulting Christian Women…


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