the obummer files all the latest destructive things bummer is up too or the repurcussions of them

15 Feb

The ObamaDog

From Boortz:

To paper train the ObamaDog simply put down a copy of the U.S. Constitution. The ObamaDog will pee and poop all over it.
The ObamaDog likes to hump Chris Matthews’ leg. Hence the tingle.
The ObamaDog won’t hunt. He waits to get his fair share from a hunting dog.
The ObamaDog won’t bark without a teleprompter.
The female ObamaDog has a very stout rear end and eats veggies. The male ObamaDog is painfully thin, with big ears, and always looks down its snout at other dogs.
The ObamaDog has big ears and barks out of its ass.
The ObamaDog won the Westminster “Best in Show” by simply being entered, with no previous dog show experience.
The ObamaDog is the perennial winner in the Dog and Crony Show.


Obama to give Arab Spring jihadists $800 million US tax dollars, and to cut Israel’s missile defense program

Obama White House Underestimated 2012 Deficit by $769.5B — or 138%

Poll: 59% of Catholics disapprove of Obama

(Washington Examiner) There goes the Catholic vote. Nearly four years after President Obama won 54 percent of Catholic voters, their support has plummeted to just 40 percent in the first poll conducted after he imposed a new birth control mandate on employers, including Catholic agencies.

In a new Rasmussen poll, 59 percent of Catholics now disapprove of the president’s job. Rasmussen reports that 44 percent strongly disapprove. About 40 percent at least somewhat approve of Obama’s job.

“Catholics strongly disapprove of the job President Obama is doing as the debate continues over his administration’s new policy forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception they morally oppose,” the pollster said in releasing his new survey. He added that while Obama’s approval rating in other groups has improved, among Catholics it has remained stagnant.

Washington Secrets reported earlier that the president’s controversial insurance mandated, rejected by Catholic bishops, was uniting Catholics politically, something rarely done by a politician or his policies.

Obama Threatens To Veto Bill Expanding Domestic Oil Drilling, Approving Keystone XL Pipeline…

As far as I can tell Obama’s entire domestic energy strategy involves investing taxpayer dollars on “green” energy companies that go bankrupt.

AP Report: Obama Considering Slashing U.S. Nuclear Force By Up To 80%…

Obama’s Deficit Spending Over Four Years: $5.17 Trillion, $70k Per Family, $17k Per Person…

Another Obama-Funded Solar Company Goes Belly Up – Given $13.3 Million in Tax Credits

Obama’s New Budget Targets Passengers – Includes $5.00 Per Bag Charge for TSA to Screen Our Luggage

and finally this

Obama’s New Budget Keeps On Supportin’ Green Energy Boondoggles, But Not a Penny for the DC Voucher Program


And bear in mind: DC is a federal district, so this is the only city in America where the feds actually have a responsibility for school funding and educational policy.

The D.C. OSP has been highly successful. According to federally-mandated evaluations of the program, student achievement has increased, and graduation rates of voucher students have increased significantly. While graduation rates in D.C. Public Schools hover around 55 percent, students who used a voucher to attend private school had a 91 percent graduation rate.And at $8,000, the vouchers are a bargain compared to the estimated $18,000 spent per child by D.C. Public Schools.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it?
Barack Obama. Proudly destroying America since 2008


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