05 Mar

Nigerian Islamist Group Boko Haram Declares “War” on Christians…

Quick, someone organize an “interfaith” conference!

LAGOS: A Nigerian spokesman for the Islamic militant group Boko Haram told on Sunday that they are planning a “war” on Christians in the next few weeks.

According to the spokesman, speaking via telephone from northern Nigeria, the group “will launch a number of attacks, coordinated and part of the plan to eradicate Christians from certain parts of the country.”

Boko Haram have taken responsibility for a number of bomb attacks on Christian churches across the country since a Christmas Day bombing left dozens of people killed.

The government has promised to crackdown on the group and has deployed military units across the country in an attempt to curtail the Islamic group’s activities, arresting and killing a number of members in recent weeks.

But the spokesman said the government “cannot be prepared for what is to come.”

He said, without giving specific details, “we will create so much effort to end the Christian presence in our push to have a proper Islamic state that the Christians won’t be able to stay.”

On Friday, the group reportedly killed three of its own members late on Friday in the northeastern state of Maiduguri, police and military sources confirmed.


Hamas Cleric: “Al-Aqsa Cannot Remain Under The Control of Those Who Allah Described As Apes And Pigs”…

Evil incarnate.

Global Islamists Plan March 30 Rally to Liberate Jerusalem from Jewish Control

Global Islamists and terror sympathizers are planning a mass protest in Jerusalem on March 30. The radicals hope their efforts on ‘Palestinian Land Day’ will liberate Jerusalem from Jewish control.

On March 30th as international caravans and delegations march toward the closest point to Jerusalem, other free people of world will gather in front of Zionistic embassies or gather in the main squares of cities, to show their solidarity with the global march to Jerusalem.

The Jewish Press reported:

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) on March 30 (a date which commemorates what’s known as Palestinian Land Day), is a high-profile provocation involving groups of international “activists” who intend to set out from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and converge upon Israel’s borders demanding the “right” to reach Jerusalem.

Concurrently, they also plan to “besiege Israeli embassies over the world”

The broader aims of GMJ, according to the project’s official website, are as follows:

 “[To] end the Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and [racist]…Judaisation policies affecting the people, land and sanctity of Jerusalem… [which] is a crime not only against Palestinians but against all humanity”

The site further claims that their efforts “will ward off Israel’s threat to world peace through the ‘Judaization’ of the holy City”.

The organizers are a conglomerate of individuals and groups representing the ‘red-green alliance.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the government of IranHezbollah, Islamic JihadWestern Islamists, the extreme left, and radical NGOs have united with the aim of engineering a PR disaster for Israel and advancing their long-term assault on the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

Libyan Islamists Destroy 150 British Graves From WWII, Tear Down Crucifixes One Year After Begging For Their Help…


Lebanese Christian Leader: Arab Spring Turning To Winter For Christians…


Christians in the Palestinian territories have dropped from 15 % of the population in 1950 to just 2 % today.

In 1975 Arafat tried to erase the historic Jesus by depicting him as the first radical Palestinian armed fedayeen (guerrilla).

In Gaza in June 2007 a leader of the Baptist Church,the oldest in the area and which contains Gaza’s only Christian library, was kidnapped and murdered.

Christian graves in the Gaza Strip have been dug up.Christian cemeteries and statues have been defaced.

The First Baptist Church of Bethlehem was firebombed on at least fourteen occasions, and the pastor, Naem Khoury, was shot.

Christians suffer harassment,intimidation and extortion.Land and property is confiscated.Christian women are abused, raped, abducted and forced into marriages. Attempts have been made to impose the Islamic women’s dress code on them.

The Sagrada Familia school in Gaza was burned and the nuns’ building in the Convent of the Sisters of the Rosary was looted, and holy images and sacred books were burned.

According to Ottoman tax records, Christians made up 60% of the population in the 16th century and Jews were 30%.
There were no Muslim inhabitants by the end of the century.

In 1948 the religious makeup of the city was 85% Christian,13% Sunni Muslim and 2% Jewish.

In the 1967 census the town of Bethlehem numbered 14,439 inhabitants, its 7,790 Muslim inhabitants represented 53.9% of the population, while the Christians of various denominations numbered 6,231 or 46.1%.

In the 1997 census the city had a population of 21,670.
41.3% of the city’s population were Christians.

By 2005 Christian residents had decreased to under 40% .

In 1995 the number of Christians in Bethlehem was 20,000.

Today it is 7,500.

The single greatest cause of conversions and emigration is pressure from Islam.

And it is not only the Holy Land from which Christians and Jews have fled. Throughout the entire Middle East, once significant Christian and Jewish communities have shrunk to a miniscule portion of their former robust selves. In 50 years they may well be extinct.

The number of Christians in Israel has increased from 34,000 in 1949 to 120,000 in 1995 to over 180,000 now.

The Jewish population of Israel is 71%,the remainder is muslim and Christian 2011.

anyone seeing a common thread here? maybe that muslims are not able to live peacefully with anyone? that the stats show when the muslims rise in numbers everyone else is drivin out?

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